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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Test

    Community, Industrial Design

    Users for first test?

    Users for my first test will be Parsons students, and others.

    What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype?

    The most important criteria for my first test will be that the user owns an Iphone. This is because my prototypes are made for an I phone. I'm using a very popular phone because I envision cell phones following the Iphone touch screen trend.

    What type of environment will you test them in?

    I will test the user in his/her typical cell phone environment. Anywhere that cell phone use may be considered a nuisance, or difficult to hear. A library, on the sidewalk, in a class room, in a store, Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, Metro North, apartment, etc.

    What type of relationship do you need with your NFP and users to conduct your test?

    I just need someone who is willing to lend me their Iphone, so that I can strap my prototype case on. Then have them make 2 phone calls, one with my case, and one without. I will need to film them, in order to get ergonomic feed back from the footage, as well as sound from the conversations with and without the case.

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