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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • NFP RElated

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

    USER GROUP Users will be impromptu. I will present a “Works like” functioning model to test. I will video tape the interaction.I will place the users cellphone in the model, securely.Then place the model on the table in front of the user.The user will have to Manage to use the device.I will learn how approachable the product may be, orhow ergonomic the design is.Is it intuitive to use?Does it make users voice louder to the user, and quiet for a neighbor? How well you hear yourselfHow well your voice is muted to an outsider

    A clear relationship is not entirely necessary with this product, because itis not a specialized product. It exists in the mainstream, and Mass Market.Though specific USE scenarios may be beneficial.Office work of a particular type, as compared to another line of work such as Construction IndoorsOutdoors

    I plan on creating a hands free Head set....a protective cell phone skin...Hands on model. rough working prototypes to get ideas for forms, and learn through user testing about comfort, opportunities /moments / experiences to design forWho can most benefit.which materials are best? My NFP’s involvement will be to give critical feed back on my testing scenarios.He will get a series of boards that display my results, with screen shots.Analyzing behaviorergonomics function fashion If I can get an idea of the general consensus, What does the future of the cell phone look like? Who benefits most?

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