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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • S O U N D Charrette

    Community, Industrial Design

    Title: Sound Creator and Escapist

    Category: Design Research, Product Design, Target Market research

    Subject Area: Design, and Psychology

    Lesson time: Will vary depending on availability of Jazz and psychology students.

    Introduction: This “Design Charrette for sound Creator and Escapist’s purpose is to help create a consensus for sound issues as musicians and students, while learning from each other reasons for the necessity to create sound, as well as escape it. Through this Design Charrette I hope to gather food for a problem with sound and the user’s specific needs, at home, work, on the go, and wherever sound can be an issue.


    • To identify negative sounds and their source. -To understand the habits of student, and musician. -To learn from each other experiences where sound affects sanity.
    • To understand the practice habits of musicians. -To determine whether we make enough noise, or too much. -To identify already existing solutions.

    Materials: Large Sheets of paper Markers different colors Tape post-its Video camera Instrument

    Procedures: In order to interact with New School Jazz students, I must have my charette and thesis proposal down to an elevator pitch. I can steal time with them in their practice spaces on the 5th and 6th floors in their department. Equipped with a DV camera I can spontaneously conduct a charrette while recording to maximize the efficiency of time spent.

    Design Charrette 1: The first encounter will be about capturing anecdotal evidence of a sound crisis consensus. I will ask questions such as “What does sound mean to you”, how do you use sound, does sound hinder you, what is an example of a negative/positive sound, can sound change you, how do you see sound, what is your relationship to sound?

    I might ask the Jazz students to perform a phrase to evoke a certain feeling, such as depression, anger, flight, joy, silence, death, etc.

    Play something that will get you arrested

    Play a phrase for your grandmother, etc.

    Questions of sound:










    Performance Experience


    Childhood Music Stories

    The Musician Life cycle


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