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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • B R A I N PI A N O

    Education, Industrial Design

    Play piano with your brain

  • Douglas, I have been imaging for this for a long time. If it's possible to play the piano with your brain, the sky's the limit. You could drive a car with your brain, or type with your brain instead of on a keyboard. you could chat with someone just with your brain. This is staggering. This could be the next big technology. The challenge will be to come up with great new products that use this technology. Do you know how it works? steven

  • In response to that real?, posted by steven landau,
    in the thread B R A I N PI A N O

    Not sure if this is real, or a staged thing. I have to look into the source.

    I believe that it is real, I've done a similar cognitive exercises as the Brain typing....

    What happens is you get little nodes attached to your skull in particular locations...don't know where....those wires run into a computer....It uses a program...the interface on the screen looks like a box.

    What happens is Little cubes appear in the large box.... You're task is to force the cubes out of the large box....

    Just by thinking of where you want the box to go, it sends electrical information into the computer to affect the cubes direction of travel....

    Its pretty amazing...

    This makes me think of Visualization. For example in the movie Cool Runnings.... The premise is a bob sledding team. To practice for bobsledding, you do several things. One is to actually shoot down the course on sled to memorize turns, and fine tune your actions....the other is to have photo stills of all the turns in the course progressively, this way you can study the turns off the course.... In a sense you would be visualizing the course and mapping the experience to your body to prepare for an event...

    Its like feeding mental energy to your muscle groups, to practice a routine before actually using your body in real time on the course....

    Whatever this concept might be named, it seems like it can apply to a variety of actions....other sports, musical instruments etc...

    RE-CAP on my NFP list.

    Music Under New York? Musicians on call? New School Jazz Progam? MIT something...? New School Psychology Department.?

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