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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Sound

    Communication, Industrial Design

    Since a child.

    I remember acutely wanting to be a drummer since 5th grade.

    I played piano, My mom taught me.

    I was very rhythmic. I would speed up songs for fun, I was impatient I hated reading music. I wanted to improvise without actual knowledge of theory.

    I got yelled at while practicing at home if I veered off practice course.

    That mad me mad. I realized playing notes could express emotions.

    I explored that notion.

    In school we were prompted to choose a musical instrument to study at school.... I wanted to play drums, but that required private lessons, which I knew my parents wouldn't go for, my mom suggested Cello, because I could accompany her piano playing.

    I was convinced. I found it easy to learn, it requires you know the bass clef. I was at ease not having to read treble cleff and bass cleff at once...sight reading for piano was NEVER a strength for me.

    The way I learned was by ear, by arduous practice, and then by muscle memory.

    Once owning Muscle memory I would fly...I would fly through a piece speeding it up to a ridiculous pace, because I understood, what my muscle was a phenomenon....I could play a song through my muscles.

    It was mind first, then muscle....then Muscle became Mind.

    So I played Cello in the school orchestra.

    I improvised constantly. I turned my cello into a percussive instrument, I spun it on its extending peg. I made ethereal sounds by dragging the bow across muted strings...

    All this to say...

    I wanted to be a drummer.

    I had a subscription to Modern Drummer Magazine, and in it I read an article on drummers and hearing loss. It greatly affected me, the knowledge that you can damage your hearing by playing your instrument.

    When I finally got a drum set (long story) I was very sensitive to that information.

    I played with isolation headphones, or ear plugs always.

    The interesting thing about isolation headphones/earplugs, is that they make your drums sound good, even if you don't know how to tune them....

    Playing alone with isolation headphones....when the band comes, I wore headphones with one ear off...

    I was always trying to edit sound as a drummer in a band.


  • I think it is really interesting.
    if you look in to which kind of instruments people play and how they develop their hearings for drums usually it will damage the hearing but for other instruments it will improve people's hearing I know people who know how to play string instruments (Violin...etc) have better hearing

    Brain Music

    it is a really interesting new technology for Therapy. First the doctor will capture individual brain music for patient,than they will transform it into Music for patients to listen to. Brain music therapy helps people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and mood disorders, and stress related conditions.

    Link to Today News on Brain Music

  • Audio_tooth_implant_177_

    Audio Tooth Implant is an really new technology for people to put the device in their mouth. By doing so, they can communicate with mobile telephones, radio and computers. (it also acts as the long-range receiver) really interesting. Take a look Click here to Audio Tooth Implant Link

  • In response to Audio Tooth Implant, posted by Herng Fuu Richard Yeh,
    in the thread Sound

    Wow thats cool.

    I'm not sure what to think about this, but it opens my mind to extreme possibilities.

    I've often thought teeth should be machines, there too organic they decay too easily....

    perhaps another topic...

    This is very interesting. Thank you Richard . where do you find this stuff?!

  • ok, so i just wanted to say that you totally inspired me to think about what i want and then say it. instead of holding everything in and worrying about what is assigned or what people will think. i love reading your thoughts, posts.. so refreshing. and this sound thing.. even though i'm not sure where you're going with it, it caught my attention and i like the sound of it. what kind of therapy...? i totally changed my idea, and now i want to use art therapy to help battered south asian women in the united states in their recovery process. i'm not sure exactly how... but i want the women to be involved in the production process. give them a way to express their pain as well as do something so that they feel productive and worthwhile. i don't know... not sure where i'm going with it...

  • In response to loving it. , posted by Leah Waldman,
    in the thread Sound

    Express pain.

    I'm mapping your words, and linking B O N E S To random things in my mind, about how creepy they seem...and so organic, and with story.

    it seems like it should be religious and sacred to make things with bones, but the way you've described the working conditions, as dishonest, and harsh...cruel?

    Metaphors, and B O N E S

    This seems like an authentic Product. B O N E S...isn't their a show called that?

    The Unusual.


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