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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • OBSER-street-TIONS



    Physical space:

    I saw two construction workers eating lunch perched up against the building.

    Social space:

    4 construction workers, perched low on a curb of the building, they lit cigarettes in sync, and proceeded to people watch.

    The construction workers saw a group of parsons students using cameras, carrying notebooks.

    The construction workers watched us watch people trafficking on the sidewalk.

    Physical space:

    I saw a man with one foot on a fire hydrant, he was smoking a cigarette

    Problems in the social space?

    I didn't notice any problems,; if there were needs unfulfilled, I was not aware. I did however feel that the architecture of Parsons' window sill- gallery windows, are solving a public space issue. The window sill invites people to engage with the building. We found smokers there and people eating at lunch time.

    My observations led to questions:

    Why is so much public space not publicly accessible. For instance, the man with his foot on the fire hydrant smoking a cigarette.

    I question the reasoning for his position on the street. Was he smoking away from the people on the window sill, or was he in a standing mood but wanted to interact with something static, as if to affirm his position on the street.

    Could he have smoked his cigarette wandering around a section of the sidewalk or would this prove dizzying from traffic, and over concentration of people in the flow of bodies.

    Did he want to be alone? Was he just smoking, or was he people watching?

    Where is there space in the city to enjoy the view from where you are?

    What areas of the city sidewalks invite people to sit and commune?

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