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Douglas Best

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Urban Sound Crisis



    Attached is Problem #1

    Those most affected by sound restrictions in New York city are Musicians, and the neighbors of those musicians.  Other’s affected are children whom at a young age may not realize the desire to learn an intsrument due to the realistic limitations of sound pollution. Musicians will benefit from this exploration becuase they will have a dedicated space to play, and hone skills confidently where otherwise they were unable to do. I will explore making contacts with; Public storage facilities in New York CityRecording studiosPractice spacesSubway musiciansMusician apartment tenantsbandsNon- profits that deal directly with Musicians living and working habits.A musician needs their own space to play in.  A Space which allows them freedom from sound pressure.Public and private space is of primary concern, Musicians don’t want to feelguilty for practicing because it is too loud.Create a box-within-a-box sound proof room to fit drum set, and drummer. Redesign the Drum set; Drum set as both work and play. Drum set is a bed to sleep in, Drum set is a desk to work at, Drum set is a drum set to play with.Foam DrumsRedesign Interior decorating/Sound isolation: Sound absorbing desk chair, sound absorbing drawers, sound absorbing shelving. The Musician feels guilty for making so much noise, he/she is reluctant to practice at will.Problem 1: Inability to rehearse musical instruments in urban living environment. Context/understanding: As a drummer living in a 3rd floor apartment in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, I am unable to practice my drums.Practice space Inner city musiciansInner city musiciansInner city musiciansInner city musicians

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