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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Brief 1.2

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Design Brief 1.2


    The indigenous tribes in Taiwan were the original inhabitants before the Han people invaded in 1900s. Nowadays the population of indigenous people in Taiwan is 2 % of Taiwan’s total population. These include fourteen tribes with fourteen different languages. Each tribe has their own unique culture and different rituals. It is really important to pass on the tradition and the artisanal techniques, to help the indigenous people find their own cultural heritage and further strengthen it. It is equally important to let the world know about the cultures.

    Mission Statement:

    My mission is to pass on the weaving techniques within Taiwan’s indigenous tribes and strengthen their own cultural heritage, also further introduce Taiwan’s indigenous culture to the world.

    Key Survey Findings:

    More than 50 % of all people surveyed care about the loss of craftsmanship More than 75 % of all people surveyed would like to help preserve artisanal techniques

    Target Tribe:

    Atayal, Bunun, rukai Tribes


    The Tribes are in Taiwan Mountain areas.

    Target Market:

    1st to 6th grades’ children in Tribal Areas and US market


    Tribe-Asia Guatemala Project

    Location / Context:

    Taiwan’s Tribal Area’s School – a program to give out the paper loom products for free

    US market (New York first) – The same paper weaving loom kit will be selling in the US

    Cost / Marketing Techniques:

    First it will be sell online and in small bou...

  • User Testing Round 1

    Communication, Industrial Design


    User Testing Round 1

    Who will be the users for your 1st test?

    The first user testing groups will be the professional weaver.

    What is important about the first user testing?

    The first user testing will let weavers to try the loom and give me feed back about the paper loom, if the form is okay and easy to use.

    What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototypes?

    The user group will be a selected controlled group by myself.

    What type of environment will you test them in?

    It will be conducted in their own working spaces or the stores they are in.

    What type of relationship do you need with NFP and users to conduct your test?

    I will have to contact professional weavers to conduct the first user testing.

  • Ka-viaz Loom Technical drawings

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • Comparison Chart

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • NFP & User Testing

    Communication, Industrial Design

    NFP & User Testing


    My NFP are Cheryl Robbins (from Tribe-Asia) Cynthia Lawson (from Guatemala project) they have been really helpful on giving me really good feedback and suggestions.
    For March 2nd’s Mid Critiques Cynthia Lawson will be able to attend the critique. Cheryl Robbins lives in Taiwan, so she will not be able to attend the Mid-review.

    User Testing

    There are two directions in my thesis project right now. First idea will require children to fold and construct my paper loom and start weaving by using the product. Another idea will require more filed and market research on the product and see if it will be successful or not in the current market (internet survey, survey, consumers who visited design stores). I will conduct the user testing in the States.

  • Time Line

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • Questions & Lists

    Communication, Industrial Design


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  • ECCO Design Presentation Jan, 30th, 09

    Education, Industrial Design


    ECCO Design Presentation Jan, 30th, 09

    By Director of Design and Research – Gary Shigeru Natsume

    Gary started introducing one of their current project they are designing for KABUTO. (an accessories brand under YAMAHA) They are designing a helmet for KABUTO. First they go out and interviewed people who had accident and survived, secondly they interviewed motorcycle riders. One of the interesting things they found out was for the helmet consumers they tent to think the sellers are expert. After they got an idea of the users, they start filed research on all of the helmets on the market, and start coming up with their own padding for helmet protection foams. After all this they start designing.

    Gary also showed us a class he taught with other instructors at Pratt. It was a program fully sponsored by General Mills; combine graduate and under graduate Industrial Designers and Interior Designers together. The project was redesigning the packaging for any of General Mills products. First all students went out to all big buying market to do market research and experience the buying experience. They looked into the color strategy, color branding, promotion, frustration of lines in check out lines, and enjoyment after the shop. After getting an ideas of the current packaging and different other productions packaging design, they start working on their design.

    Gary Natsume pointed out that most of his time in his design carrier has been dedicated to Research and under...

  • Where Craft and Design Intersect

    Communication, Industrial Design


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    Museum of Arts and Design Where Craft and Design Intersect

    Discussion with Chief Curator David McFadden, designer Suzanne Tick, artist Michele Oka Doner, and American Craft magazine’s Andrew Wagner

    In the recent years, Craft + Design product become really successful and created their own market. What’s the different between Craft and Design? Why did not craft do so well before? The main different between a craft person and a design person is a craft person cares a lot more on the material and process while a design person will cares more about the end goal of the product. Michele Oka Doner said, “Craft is not a none it is a verb.” Andrew Wagner also mentioned a lot of the designers only think and draw out the ideas, and did not prototype or build their ideas out. That’s where crafts come into place.

    Why is Design combine with Craft become so successful? Let’s compare them separately. Design, usually is a collaborations of multiple people while Craft is a one-man job. Design have great speakers, publishers, marketers to promote their products while Craft does not have it. What Craft have is amazing techniques. By combining the two it become a stronger category of its own.

    While the lines between Design, Art and Craft become really blurry these days, but when we start to critique the work, we still looked into professional design and craft’s techniques. Charles and Ray Eames chair is a mater piece of Art, Craft and D...

  • Japan Brand Unfolding

    Communication, Industrial Design


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    Japan Brand Unfolding Japan brand Exhibition

    This is a really good exhibition at Felissimo. The exhibition brought in a lot of old craftsmen brand from different region of Japan. Their products are simple, unique and beautifully designed and crafted. In this exhibition, they also have a brand called “Kyoto Premium” it is an associate brand connecting all the different craft brands in Kyoto. What they wanted to bring to the audience was to introducing a“ new lifestyle concept that combines excellent craft techniques, exquisite beauty and modern design.” This exhibition, not only have old traditional products, but also have old techniques + new design products in the exhibition.

    Personally I think having this kind of exhibition in the US is a really good way to bring and introducing cultures and craftsmen products into the US market.

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