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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Competition - Russel Wright

    Communication, Industrial Design


    I think the over use of terms like organic, natural and eco-friendly really destruct the whole organic market, natural market, eco-friendly market and it also further confuses the consumers. These kinds of phrases became a kind of business strategies. For my thesis, the product will not be in the same category, but instead it will be a product of introducing Taiwanese indigenous tribal cultures to the world. The ideas of Made in Taiwan / For Taiwan is really important. Currently there are no Taiwanese Tribal products in any of the boutiques in New York City. It is a fresh and new market for the US.

    For design, I think honesty is really important. And also coming up with good designs that will last for a really long time is really good as well. For example the work from Russel Wright, his idea was to bring all good designs to the mass-market consumers. “They were not just cheap, they were beautiful, and that was a powerful combination,” said by Ms. Wilson. Economy is really bad now, but as a designer, we can all design another environment for us to live in; like what Paola Antonelli said“What designers do really well is work within constraints, work with what they have.” (From NY Times article: Design Loves a Depression by Michael Cannell)

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