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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Summary of Review Feedback

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    click here to see the bigger pictures for 30X30 board

    The critiquers had two different approaches on my projects. First group of people thought the ring was closer to my mission of preserving the techniques and not disturbing their cultures. They though a new products might disturb their traditional products. They were questioning how will I play in the cycle of this project, and how will I built up trust with Bunun Tribes people and start on the production lines. One of the critiquer gave me a really good suggestion, she said: maybe the rings will craft by the Bunun tribes and all the others will be design by me.

    The second groups of people were more for the T-shirt concept. They think to connect the traditional techniques with high technology will be a better way for the people from tribe. The locals will create one hand done and limited mass-produced by machine. (the techniques they were using were at once high tech. We think that we are high tech, but 100 years from now, our technologies will be low tech again.) If I’m stick with weaving on the patterns, how could I play with the portion of the embroidering would be the key. Some critiquers also thought, there are a lot of people helping the indigenous people or craftsmanship, in the end it is all about business, how to market and market it well will be what I have to think about; focusing on bringing the products out from the gift shops and museums and designed something that can be put in the stores like DWR or MoMA design store. The designer people told me to looked into was Hella Jongerius. Hella Jongerius’ work often blurs the borders between design & handcrafts or art & technology. One example would be the textiles for Manharam. The textiles are created in a way to make factory made product looks like a product special made only for you. Another example would be the side by side organization created the clothes collector holders sold in DWR. Side by side’s mission is to create modern, useful objects, and to bring a social environment and professionalism to a wider portion of the community. One of the other critiquers also thought it would be a really good opportunity to design the packaging for their products.

    Both groups thought it was really important to preserve the culture values. It was especially important to pass on the story and encourage the story telling. They all hope the product will be able to do this.

    Next Step: I will look into other possibilities of design. For the T-shirt concept, I can push it even farther and start playing with the meaning of symbols.

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