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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Research Bibliography 2-1

    Arts & Culture, Industrial Design


    Research Bibliography

    Austin, Robert, and Koichiro Ueda. Bamboo. New York & Tokyo: Walker/Weatherhill, 1970.

    A really interesting book introducing the two main types of Bamboo growth one is called Sympodial and another is called Monopodial. The book also mentions a lot of techniques, for example, how to growth a square Bamboo, and all the application Bamboo was used before. This book will help me looked into the old application of bamboo and some really interesting techniques.

    Bess, Nancy M., and Bibi Wein. Bamboo in Japan. New York: Kodansha International, 2001.

    This book is introducing all aspects Bamboo’s being use in Japanese society. For example, in Japanese Shrine, they use Bamboo. The reason for that is because Bamboo has the meaning of purity. This book will let me understand where and which part of Japan still use Bamboo products.

    Eriko, Teranishi. チラシで作るバスケット. Japan: NHK, 2007.

    A book teaches people how to use waist magazines and weave it into baskets. Some of the weaving technique is the same as weaving a Bamboo basket. I think this is really interesting aspect of design, to teach people how to use everyday objects, old techniques to turn it into baskets.

    Farrelly, David. The Book of Bamboo - A Comprehensive Guide to This Remarkable Plant, Its Uses and Its History. New York: Sierra Club Books, 1984.

    “Bamboo is a plant of ancient and increasing importance for humanity. Known as ‘the wood of the poor’ in India, ‘the friend of the people’ in China, ‘the brother’ in Vietnam.” This is a book having all kinds of information about bamboo mostly in Asia. It is a good book to get some ideas of where people use Bamboo in the past.

    Kitao, Harumichi. Fomation of Bamboo. Tokyo: 彰国社, 1958.

    A picture book from Japan showing techniques and applications of bamboo. I can get a lot of detail pictures of bamboo products and applications from this book.

    Oster, Maggie. Bamboo Baskets. USA: Viking Studio Books, an imprint of Penguin Books, 1995.

    This book is focusing on the bamboo baskets that are created for Ikebana (Japanese traditional flower arrangement) The place for placing these flowers is a really spiritual place in the house.

    Rossbach, H. John McQueen : The Language of Containment. New York: University of Washington P, 1992.

    John McQueen is an American textile artist. He used a lot of old techniques to create his new art pieces. This book is really good for me to see how people use old techniques and create something new from it.

    Villegas, Marcelo, ed. Tropical Bamboo. Bogota: Villegas Editores, 1989.

    This book is talking about how Old Caldas uses Bamboo in their everyday life. “It shapes the landscape, it carries water, it is used in construction; it is a bridge over a stream, a fence, a henhouse, a staircase, a chair, a container, it is used to make innumerable artifacts. Bamboo has become an intergral part of the environment and the everyday life of Old Caldas.” I think this is a really valuable book in terms of how to apply bamboo into everyday life.

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