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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Mapping Design Criteria

    Communication, Industrial Design


    Mapping Design Criteria

    Camboo by Vivian Lam

    Formal Criteria The Camboo lighting fixture is in the shape of a scoop. It is a hybrid of the product they know how to do. It is made out of bamboo split by local artisans and a piece of cotton which woven and dyed by the local artisans as well. The color is the color of the bamboos color; it is in a soft yellow white color with a dark brown cotton natural-dyed cotton fabric. The scale is about two feet in height and 8 inches in diameter.

    Functional The useses of Camboo is a lighting fixture

    Ethical This is a really good project, first uses the local material bamboo and cut by the local artisans. All the pieces from the structure of the lighting, the Natural-dyed cotton fabric as well as the design of the graphic patterns, are all made by the local artisans. This creates a lot of opportunities for the people locally and also to build their own local business to sale locally and further more internationally.

    Cost I do not know the real cost for Camboo, but I went to World of Good online to looked on similar shape baskets. A lot of the complicated patterns baskets sell for US$200 or more dollars. But the one color basket is much cheaper; it’s about US$30 dollars. My guess is each lighting fixture cost about $40 dollars to buy. If they sell locally they would be targeting people from the middle and upper class. If they sell world wide, they’ll most likely to target middle and lower class.

    Ceramic Water Filter designed by Dr. Fernando

    Formal Criteria The original design of the ceramic water filter is made out of a small ceramic vessel with in a bigger ceramic vessel. The material is made out of ceramic. The color of the filter is reddish brown. The new design of the outside vessel become plastic 5 Gallon bucket. The total scale is about 11 3/4” top X 10 3/8” bottom X 15” in height.

    Functional The function is to filter the water to have a cleaner drinking water for people.

    Ethical This Ceramic Water Filter will benefit a lot of people in the developing countries to have a cleaner drinking water source. This will prevent them form getting sick. Water is a really important element in human’s everyday life.

    Cost The cost of the bucket is about $4.5 dollars, and the ceramic filter is about 2 to 3 dollars. I think it’s about $7 dollars. I think the cost of it can some how lower in anyways will be even better. Because if would be impossible to owned by people in the developing countries who only have $1 dollar per day to own one. But this Ceramic Water Filter is design for them to be consumed.

    Mobee by Eddie Shao-Hsien Chiu

    Formal Criteria A track made out of plastic with different textures on top of the track in the color of blue. The outside of track is white. The toy also comes with a handgrip plastic piece in the color of yellow and blue. The material might be polypropylene. The dimension of the toy is about 10” X 14” by 2”

    Functional This toy is an educational toy designed to improve the motor skills of children with cerebral palsy.

    Ethical A toy to improve the motor skills for the children with cerebral palsy, I think it is a really focusing toy specifically for children with cerebral palsy, but it does not mean other children will not be able to play with it. This toy will benefit from the children with cerebral palsy.

    Cost I don't know how much it will cost. I think it will cost around $ 20 to 30 dollars. But their targeting group will be the teachers or parents who have cerebral palsy children with them.

    TV packaging Stand Mark 1 by Tom Ballhatchet

    Formal Criteria The shape is rectangular before it transforms. After it transform it become trapezoid in the 3D form. The packaging is made out of expanded polypropylene, which can be mold into any shape and any color. Mark 1 is in the color of black.

    Functional A TV packaging transform into a TV stand. This will eliminate creating waist for people.

    Ethical I think it’s a really good idea, normally consumers will throw out the packaging materials after taking out the product. Now the package has another functions for itself. It adds the values into normally we consider it as garbage.

    Cost It will be the cost of the packaging they already spent for protecting TV. Technically the company will not need to spent any more money on it, just redesign the package. And consumer won’t need to pay extra for the free TV stand.

    iphone by Apple

    Formal Criteria A well design phone with 3.5 inchs (diagonal) widescreen Multi –Touch display with 480 by 320 pixel resolution at 163ppi. The front is in an rectangular shape with a home button on the bottom. The back is in a curve dome shape, which fit the grip of the hand. It’s in the color of black or white. I think the back of the phone is made out of ABS + PMMA. The dimension of the phone is 4.5 inches in height X 2.4 inches in width X .48 inches in depth. The weight is around 4.7 ounces.

    Functional iphone is a multi propose device. It is not just a phone. It can go online, E-mailing people, taking pictures, recording, listening to music and playing games all inside the device.

    Ethical iphone change the whole phone industry. iphone helped the other developers to develop their applications for iphone. Apple also challenge the whole phone industry with the iphone.

    Cost It is mainly for middle class people to consume it. The price is $199 for the 8GB model, and $299 for the 16GB model.

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