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Herng Fuu Richard Yeh

New York, NY, United States

Designer (Product Design)

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Research Bibliography

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    Research Bibliography

    "Country Ripe for Poverty Reduction [document]." Africa News Service (Sept 25, 2008): NA. General OneFile. Gale. THE NEW SCHOOL. 28 Sept. 2008

    An article about how IMF (International Monetary Fund) helped Republic of Sierra Leone. They were checking on their progress of poverty reduction also to sustain macroeconomic stability and accelerate growth. They did not do as good as the year of 2007 due to economic changes worldwide. A good example of how a fund helped a country to get out of poverty. The aspect of accelerates growth and trying enhance public spending is really interesting for me.

    "European leaders at UN summit appeals for more aid to combat poverty." Xinhua News Agency (Sept 25, 2008): NA. General OneFile. Gale. THE NEW SCHOOL. 28 Sept. 2008

    At United Nations, European leaders trying to put a lot more aids in the public areas and trying to get a lot more funds to help people in the developing countries. One of the interesting and I think is really true things the prime minister said is “in the past, feed the world meant that we helped to feed Africa. In the future, if we do things right, we will d best by enabling Africa to feed the world.” This is to say to help them is to help us. The idea of helping the developing countries to sustain themselves and get out of poverty is my goal. This will help me develop my first Thesis idea.

    Mestika, Rose, “G8, Other Rich Countries Need to Honor Commitments to Combat Global Poverty - Pane." Africa News Service (Sept 25, 2008): NA. General OneFile. Gale. THE NEW SCHOOL. 28 Sept. 2008

    The organizations called on the developed countries to help the developing countries to get out from poverty. The result are, the developed countries agreed that 0.7 % of their gross national product (GNP) will be donated to help the developing countries. Interesting to see if they have reached the level or not.

    Heim, Kristi, “Gates grant targets hunger, poverty; World Food Program; Pilot project links huge food buyer, struggling small farmers.(Local News)." The Seattle Times (Seattle, WA) (Sept 25, 2008): B5. General OneFile. Gale. THE NEW SCHOOL. 28 Sept. 2008

    The big world Food Programs are gathering and team up together trying to bring hundreds of thousands of small farmers in Africa and Latin America into the market as suppliers to the UN’s food program. This is a really good things to do, and will further reduce poverty, disease and will further strengthen the local businesses. The food ideas and aspect for helping developing countries to escape form poverty, I have not thought of it yet. It is good the article reminded me of the small farmers industry.

    "PALESTINE: POVERTY IN GAZA EXCEEDS 83%." IPR Strategic Business Information Database (Sept 25, 2008): NA. General OneFile. Gale. THE NEW SCHOOL. 28 Sept. 2008

    In Gaza the poverty rate exceeds 83% this is really dramatic. The unemployment rate is growing. Gaza will be one of the countries that I will further do research on. And trying to see what are the problems causing this change.

    Narayan, Deepa & Petesch, Patti, Moving out of Poverty – cross-disciplinary perspectives on mobility. A copoblication of The World Bank and Palgrave Macmillan. © 2007 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank.

    A book talking about how people in the developing country get out from poverty, and some are still remain in poverty. Also pointed out a point of how to declare if people are in poverty. The book also gave out some interesting databases for studying the poverty around the world. This book will help me develop and understand the issue.

    Bedi, Tara; coudouel, Aline; Simler, Kenneth, More Than a Pretty Picture-using poverty maps to design better policies and interventions. World Bank Washington, © 2007 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank.

    Looking at each developing country by the form of poverty map. The poverty map acts as a tool to provide a better understanding of the countries and will further helped the designers or programs to came up with better ideas to help them. This book has some really good data that I can further use for my thesis topics.

    Wilhelm, Vera A; Krause, philipp. Minding the Gaps, World Bank, © 2008 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank.

    A book studying nine developing countries about how they reduce poverty. What are their strategies and budgets. These real examples can help me develop my ideas, because my goal is the same as them: to fight for poverty.

    Besley, Timothy; Cord, Louise J. Delivering on the Promise of Pro-Poor Growth. A copoblication of Palgrave Macmillan and the World Bank, © 2007 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank.

    The successful cases of how to accelerate poverty reduction, in the book there are eight cases from eight different countries. This book will help me look at what had been done to accelerate poverty reduction and also teaches me the methods of accelerating.

    The World Health Report 2007-A Safe Future: global public health security in the 21st century. World Health Organization © World Health Organization 2007

    This book is a report about the global public health all around the world. This book has a lot of data’s related to health issue. I will be really helpful for me to develop my second thesis ideas. (helping developing country in Health)

    2007 Annul report, unicef, United States Fund. © 2007 U.S. Fund for UNICEF. All Rights reserved

    UNICEF’s annul repots on how they did on helping the kids all around the world. A really good fraise from the report “2007: Whatever it takes to save a child.” This report can see what’s happening now in the world and how they helped. They have a really good graphic design and layout for the report. This is worth to looked into.

    The Chronic Poverty Report 2008-09- escaping poverty traps. Chronic Poverty research Centre. © 2008 Chronic Poverty research Centre.

    This is another companies report on poverty around the world. This will further helped me with the development of helping the developing countries with escaping poverty.

    Gerlin, Andrea. A Simple Solution. Times Magazine, Sunday, Oct, 08, 2006. © 2008 Time Inc. All rights reserved,9171,1543876,00.html

    This article is about the simple solution for curing diarrhea helped a lot of developing countries people around the world. For example the child mortality in Bangladesh alone were felt from 35% to 6% over the following 20 years. (1986 to 2006). This article will help me understand how they prevent people from getting diarrhea diseases and further prevent them from getting it.

    Gerlin, Andrea. Surviving Diarrhea. Time Magazine, Sunday, Oct, 08, 2006. © 2008 Time Inc. All rights reserved,9171,1543884,00.html

    The article is about the development of Oral Rehydration solution (ORS). The solution helped the people around the world. Some facts for surviving Diarrhea around the world: Worldwide there are 1.9 million deaths in children under 5 every year due to diarrhea diseases. According to WHO, about two-thirds of these (1.3 million) occur in the 15 countries in Asia and Africa.

  • Ors_177_

    Richard, you have posted a great deal of material, and there seems to be the seeds of a variety of good projects here, although it is not clear to me yet what you will focus on in your thesis. In one of articles you cite, we read:

    "Oral rehydration solution (ORS) can reverse most cases of dehydration if given quickly. It can be made from one teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar dissolved in a liter of water then administered gradually — at a cost of literally pennies per child." (Gerlin, Andrea. A Simple Solution. Times Magazine, Sunday, Oct, 08, 2006)

    This is a very interesting idea, and one that could be the basis of a great product. If its true that saving the lives of children is this easy, perhaps you can build create a kit that could be distributed to poor communities, and that would help people to understand how to administer the ORS, even if they cannot read. Here is information that deals with communicating public health practices to impoverished communities.

    Once you have decided on your product idea, I will have more to say to you about how your bibliography helps to frame your thesis arguments.


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