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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    Nurse 1: “Patients on insulin or allergy injectables are perfectly mobile, so they would be able to use this.”

    Nurse 2: “Make the purse strap shorter, The bottom part of the biohazard partition should detach from the top and the bottom should have a way to be sealed when separated. The top part can be reused, Make indicators red and write biohazard.”

    Nurse 3: “This product would be perfect for diabetics who are traveling. Right now, we leave the detergent bottles at the patients houses and then throw them in the trash.”

    Nurse 4: "This product would be very good for individual use."

    Nurse 5: "I think the design is very thoughtful but it might not be useful to the home care nurses because most patients at home would have a container to dispose the sharps in. However, the design can focus on the diabetic patient. It could be useful for traveling or leaving it at work."

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    Original Intention:

    This product is a wearable purse, which detaches from the standard nurse bag and becomes a transportable biohazard container. Inside, the purse includes educational instructions on packaging that would contain the biohazard unit so that once full, it can be mailed to the incinerator.

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    This is my thesis Storyboard or in other words the life-cycle and how the intervention of my product creates a different life-cycle.

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    This nurse at the Cabrini house really liked my prototype. She is an in-patient respiratory nurse. She also works in the home and does give injections to patients. She really liked the packaging for the container and the needle mechanism. She said it would be perfect for monthly use. She also said it would be perfect for diabetics which wasn't my intention. She also said that the nurse would want to leave this purse or container at the patients house because that is what they usually do. I need to rethink a few of my design intentions.

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  • drawing

    This is the nurse bag and the container that holds the needles inside.

  • User Testing


    Scenerio 1:

    (Conducted) Give first prototype to nurses at Cabrini House along with a questionnaire. Observed initial reaction while there and asked many questions about prototype. Overall the prototype was well liked. I'll be getting more feedback over the week.

    • a. The users will not be my NFP but they are the specialists I am working with.
    • b. I left the prototype in the in-care patient part of the hospital.
    • c. Someone else has administered my test. I left questionnaires and handouts with a brief description of my project and my contact information.

    Scenerio 2:

    Have nurses at Advance Care use prototype with patients.

    • a. This is another specialist group that I am working with.
    • b. I plan to bring the prototype(s) to the nurse dispatcher and either leave it with them because they are unable to all be there simultaneously, or perhaps focus on one nurse to do my user testing. My relationship with that single nurse will be very important then.
    • c. The nurse will have to administer the test unless I’m allowed to view but this would require signing a patient confidentiality contract.

    Scenerio 3:

    Have Advance Care patients use prototype.

    • a. Hopefully the nurse could administer this interaction, or if I sign a confidentiality agreement, I can have direct contact with a patient.
    • b. I want to see how the patient interacts with the educational packaging instructions.

My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design