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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • How the Nurses Responded to the User Testing.



    Nurse 1: “Patients on insulin or allergy injectables are perfectly mobile, so they would be able to use this.”

    Nurse 2: “Make the purse strap shorter, The bottom part of the biohazard partition should detach from the top and the bottom should have a way to be sealed when separated. The top part can be reused, Make indicators red and write biohazard.”

    Nurse 3: “This product would be perfect for diabetics who are traveling. Right now, we leave the detergent bottles at the patients houses and then throw them in the trash.”

    Nurse 4: "This product would be very good for individual use."

    Nurse 5: "I think the design is very thoughtful but it might not be useful to the home care nurses because most patients at home would have a container to dispose the sharps in. However, the design can focus on the diabetic patient. It could be useful for traveling or leaving it at work."

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