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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Persona Needs


    link to my persona needs

    I am surprised to find that the most important persona is the equipment manufacturer. I was aware that Nurses, Doctors, and Patients were the most important below the manufacturers. Safety, Segregation, and Color were some of the most important aspects although I suspect being ergonomic and intuitive are very important for the Users.

  • Dear Jen, I am unsure as to why the manufacturer is so highly effected by the needs you have listed. Why would it matter to them how ergonomic or functional the product is (for example)? You can argue that if the product functions well it will increase sales and the manufacturer will get constant repeat orders, however it still would not justify giving it a 5.

    As well as that, I think you are forgetting about a very important if not he most important persona- the people who would have to purchase your product. The people in the hospital/business who are responsible for purchasing equipment. I realized this when looking at your 'low cost' need and realized that no one was really effected by it.. however, these are the people whose jobs depend on saving funds and spreading them among all the needs the hospital has.

    what do you think about these?

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