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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Questions, Interviews, Starting Dialogues with NFP's



    So I contacted about 5 different NFP's this week and they basically gave me the run around where I am redirected to every different department of their organization. Here are some of the questions I asked based on the kind of NFP I would like to work with and observe/survey.

    Initial Questions for Hospice and Visiting Nurse Services:

    Can I ask a few questions about your services?

    (in order to seem unobtrusive I began with this statement) I am studying the benefits of Home Care for Patients and I would like to ask you a few questions.

    I would like to interview at home nurses to find out what could make their jobs easier.

    How do they carry their equipment?

    How do they dispose of used equipment?

    Can I come into interview a few of your nurses?


    How familiar are you with disposal of sharps and medication in the home?

    Are you aware of any take back programs?

    From what I have gathered there is no standard between counties and states that require self medicating patients to dispose of their equipment properly, is that true?

    Whose guidelines do you think visiting nurses and hospice organizations follow when it comes to medical waste disposal.?

    Are you aware of what happens to the used products once they are used? Do the care-takers bring them back to hospitals?


    What do you think makes your job the most difficult?

    Do you ever wonder what happens to syringes and unused medication once you are done treating your patients?

    What are you trained to do with them?

    Do you feel you should dispose of the waste in a different manner?

    Are you aware that other care-takers dispose of trash in the patients home garbage?

    Do you think families with younger children are in danger of these objects?

    How do you define improper waste disposal?

    Are they any penalties for disposing improperly? Are they any programs in place that prevent this from happening?

    Have you worked for multiple home care agencies?

    If so, do you have to learn different techniques when it comes to disposal?

    Maybe I should interview garbage handlers that are frightened of medical waste? Interview Medical Waste Collection facilities?

  • jen, I really liked your survey. Can I talk about it in my presentation about interpreting data from surveys at monday's class? How many responses did you get? can you please write a couple of paragraphs based on the results of this work and send it to me by tomorrow (sunday) afternoon? Let me know. Thanks. steven

  • These were my original questions when I was calling Hospice and Visiting Nurse Non Profits. I was able to send the survey out to about 10 in home nurses but I was only able to get one response. I hope to meet with more people and have them take the survey. I adjusted some questions. I will post my other version as well.

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