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Jennifer Riggi

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • What is a Premise? 2



    Here is an article from TreeHugger which addressed the second issue I would like to pursue:

    Medical Waste: The proper disposal of medical waste is a serious issue. It cannot simply be burned and disposed of once it has been used. Because of the caution and expense required to properly dispose of it, much of the infectious waste is either dumped in the ocean or burned illegally which emits harmful gases. More people allowed healthcare insurance would mean more medical waste and perhaps more illegal disposal practices. For now, here is an example of the proper way to eliminate the waste.

  • In response to Thoughts, posted by Jesse Resnick,
    in the thread What is a Premise? 2

    I really appreciate your insight to this issue. I think there are so many similar issues dealing with this topic in the area of Medical Waste. I am going to have to focus on just one. Hopefully my research guides me into the direction of the one which is most waste generating or has the greatest need. Glad I found your post.

  • Inhaler_177_

    Hey Jen, I think this is a great topic to explore. I (like an ever-increasing number of people...) have asthma, and use inhalers that last between 1-3 months depending on severity. They are intended to be disposed of after each use (see an image above). It seems ridiculous to me that all of these materials need to go to waste, constantly. I am surprised that there has not even been a recycling initiative introduced for the inhalers. If you are looking for a specific area of waste, I suggest you look into the myriad of inhalers available on the market. The majority consist of a plastic container and a metal chamber. Maybe there is a way to standardize the container so that people would have only one container and purchase just a refill chamber each 1-3 months. This seems like it would cut down on a significant amount of waste. As of today, there is no way to buy just the chamber alone, you are forced to buy it with a new plastic container each time. Anyways, I'm sure that most people with medical conditions would have similar stories for you about the waste they are forced to generate. I look forward to seeing where you go with the project!

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