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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Pelase click and see the first draft of map here

    According the project of my thesis, my current strategy of design process has dual approach. I am standing at the center between designing and ordinary, and trying to reach one goal at the cross section.

    The designing side is about more logical and research based which involves research with NFP group. The point of research in my project has various functions. The core function is about to investigate real situation, condition, and actual voices from all factors who are the targets of my project. This function must be in the project. Secondary, the research with NFP is the proof of designing and the criteria of designing. This project is located in local area in people’s feelings compared to the issue of nature, because millions of us always see the situation of care working in a house and outside in daily life, but is still global issue.

    Because it is such a well known issue in our society and very familiar to people, I also have to approach from the sight of ordinary. This is the ordinary side. The meaning of ordinary at this point is to have same eye level of ordinary people so that understanding and feeling how they think and see. Also there is an importance of doing this is the affordance. Most of the time, the design solution comes from research and idea, however, this project needs the inspiration which should be familiar to ordinary people so that they do not see the solution as a new strange thing in their daily ...

  • Lesson plan


    Title Design Charrette for Care workers and people who need care

    Grade Level -

    Lesson plan topic Product Design

    Introduction My mission is to solve problems between care workers, people who need care and their families. The core point is how we can make their relationships better. This project addresses the deeper matter of human mentality and how we can approach the core issue through product design. NFP and I approach with this issue and investigate it.


    • To be specific what problem is the matter or not
    • To hear the actual voice from direct care workers in NYC
    • To shape design criteria more concretely through interviews and research
    • To know what are core issues which possibly become causes of bad relationship
    • To understand what they need in reality


    • Phone for phone interview
    • Paper for mapping
    • Note for memorizing


    • Family
    • Daily tasks -Communication
    • Wish and Reality
  • My mission is to solve problems between care workers, people who need care and their families. The core point is how we can make their relationships better. This project addresses the deeper matter of human mentality and how we can approach the core issue through product design.

    Key-findings Please refer Here

    NFP group -Direct Care Alliance -The Japan Association of Care Workers (as another reference)

    Location Individual house and Care community in NYC, and also global location

    Target Market Care workers, people who need care, and their family

    Age of group Elderly (55~) and handicaps

    Cost/Marcketing Techniques and Material The physical object of design is made from the cycle of the target or the community. Therefore, the solution should be made by low technique or simple process of system. The material has to be very soft and non-toxic.

    Production Process The product is made by care worker and people who need care in home care and care community. production speed is not fast, it takes long span which depends on care stint.

    Packaging/ Distribution Method No-packaging or very minimal packaging. The distribution is fit in the cycle of care community.

  • Design Brief


    Mission Statement My thesis project is to solve problems where is in between care workers, patient and their families, and how we can support their relationships to be better. This project is addressing deeper matter of human’s mentality and how we can approach the core issue that they have with product design direction

    Initial fields In reality, there are many problems in care working such as social acceptability, extremely hard work, trouble with patient and their family, and huge differences of concerns by people in different field. Many problems are mixed together and make themselves more difficult and complex. However, they can be divided by three initial fields, care worker, patient, and family. Also there are two basic bases where they relate each other directly, which are home care and care community (facility).

    Story of care working The order of whole system and story is that patient’s family decides to send him or her to the community, or take a home care. The second is care workers support patient’s daily tasks every day. On the other hand, patient’s family often goes to the community to say hello and see how he or she is doing while the patient is in the community. If patient is cared at their home, family might be busy but they have enough capacity to take care when they are at home.

    How and where problems happen However, this story is not about just how things work simply, but they are all human beings. Therefore, many frictions happen in between c...

  • For my thesis project, I have a strong thought of my process to achieve my project.

    Because of my topic that issue (matter) between care worker and people who need care needs real voices from them, then the design will be started even a whole system. Therefore I do not want to get any concrete idea for my final concept, because if I have an image of my goal in any medium, my direction will be somehow influenced by it (them).

    However, on the other hand, I started to explore some interactions between people, relationship between people and objects, habit of people, and what other beings on the earth do with group.

    There are some key words that affordance, habit, and coexistence. My drawings are now very abstructed and just inspirations, but my investigation will not going out of fundamental field.

    The first image is an idea about Process and Result. This is such a simple idea of daily task that creates one product (gift). The calender which is represented by strings horizontally, and care worker adds one line vertically everyday, then product finally created.

    The second image is showing similarity between growth ring on in a tree and the texture on an old crock.

    The third image is looking at how other being in the sea does something with groups.(like a Coral??)

    Here is also updated map

  • First of all, this survey is for students and to know how we think care working socially.

    1. If one member of your family needs care taking for some reasons, Nursing facility (community) or Home care (your house), which one would you like to recommend as a member of family? And why do you think it is better than another?

    >my house, because it must be more comfortable than unfamiliar palces like a nursing facility. >i think i prefer Home care, because they are one of my family member and i don't want to live apart.

    >i think the nursing facility would do a better job since they are the experts.

    >HomeCare. Iwant my family member to be feel comfortable and secure. I'm not saying nursing facility is bad but i want to see how she/he is doing next to me. i want to give them my full attention. >Nursing facility, they can social with other people than staying at home.

    >Well besides me trying to take care of them, I would suggest someone who lives in our home to do the things I could not do while I was working. >nursing facility - more professional and be around more people

    2. If you were care worker for some reasons (maybe part time job or volunteer?) what you would be careful for your job?

    1, stamina to work 0.0%

    2, communication with patient and their family


    3, safety of work 0.0%

    Why do you think so?

    >there is no such a thing as good care without good communication.

    >thats why i can have fun with my work

    >decrease thei...

  • NFP Group: DCA


    According to my theme, NFP group of my thesis is Direct Care Alliance

    I heard information about DCA(Direct Care Alliance) from students in Masters degree in persons who have taken video about activities, atitudes, and interviews of DCA, and I contacted them.

    From their mission statement, "We are a nationwide and state-based alliance of direct-care workers, employers, and people of all ages and disabilities who use long term services, care and supports. We are united to build an empowered and valued professional direct care workforce essential to ensuring high quality services, a life of dignity, respect, autonomy and opportunity for all to participate in community life." I immediately thought there is strong relationship between the mission of my thesis and their mission.

    I met with Leonila Vega who is executive director of DCA and presented my thesis. She has very open mind and vision for this project and introduced me a direct care worker for practical and essencial research.

    My topic is very practical and never done without real voice from care workers, now I am looking more concrete idea and concept of my project.

    Many of thanks to Leonila Vega

  • By the numbers


    Statistic resorce 1

    According to the report by NSDUH (The National Survey on Drug Use and Health), among the 21 major occupational categories, the highest rate of MDE (Major Depressive Episode) of past year is Personal Care and Service (10.8 percent). This is showing why we need to look at the field of care working.

    Statistic resorce 2

    Nurse aides have the highest rates of workplace injuries and illnesses in the country, making it America’s most dangerous job.

    Nearly 30 percent of direct-care workers have no health nsurance coverage, twice the rate of the general population.

    The country’s fastest-growing workforce—jobs providing in-home personal care services—is the least likely to have health coverage.

    Direct-care wages are so low (median hourly wage of $9.56/hr) that nearly 30 percent of workers live in households with poverty or near poverty-level income.

  • Can1_132_

    What do you think this situation here?

    If you have any thought, please comment...

    just curiosity....

  • Mapping_matrix_177_

    There is also other kinds of people who are related this map, different kind of generation of family. I will post other visualization about factors

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