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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Interview with a president of travel product company in Japan


    Last Friday, I had a meeting with a guy who founded a travel product company in Japan about how I can expand my thesis project if it is brought in production in the future. He was very interested in my project and talked about real situation which is especially pointed about distribution and the way of marketing.

    For distribution, I suggested me to use two ways. One is for individual target, and the other is for group of targets. By doing this, I can have a benefit of manufacturing costs in terms of material saving of packaging and shipping cost. For home care service, single small package of Day To day is shipped to there, but for care facilities or residence, a package with probably more than 10 of Day To day is shipped to there.

    Secondly, he talked about sales management, in other words, marketing strategy. I have two target areas right now, one is home care service, the other is care facilities. However, he noted that I should target more precisely. To start to bring my product into real world, he recommended to choose a good starter or area which can potentially expand the product to their connection.

    As a simulation in practical scene, I need to prepare DVD or other potential media which shows How To of Day To day for the client. Because care workers are extremely busy in fact, they probably cannot spend a long time to show how to use Day To day.

    I got many opinions and suggestions from this meeting. This is very important for the development of my project in the future. I wish I can continue.

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