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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Summary of Spring Mid-Review


    I have got good feedbacks from today’s mid-review. All critics responded my project positively and they pointed both strong point and point where should be developed. I note the points what I have to develop my project as a summary of this mid-review.

    Most of them pointed about the material of the template. They agreed to use flexible plastic, but, one of them suggested me to use fabric so that the user is not hurt by the edge of plastic template. However, another critics responded that fabric is easy to be dirty itself. There was a struggle between other materials, but he gave me other potentials of material use.

    The current template of my project is a straight line, but some critics wanted to see in different shape such as circle so that users can create other form of knitting. However, a circle shape is actually presented last mid-review. This is probably I have to keep in mind that my template should change to other forms.

    Finally, one critic asked me why the user uses this project (product) instead of others such as puzzle, chess, and board games. This is exactly same comment as a critic asked me last mid-review, and this is what I need to prepare clearly. My project provides simple interactive collaboration and the users can have creations from it at the end. Also this provides other benefits that physical therapy for client and their creation as a record for supervisor and director of care worker and client’s family. This is I should note on my board and speech.

    For next week, I will definitely make a revised model from these feedbacks.

  • I agree that you need to refine the argument for this product. Articulate the motivation that the users (caregiver and patient) have to participate. How can this product begin to communicate its benefits to the users? Imagine how this product is introduced to the end user... how are they convinced this is going to be of use to them?

    Your boards were much improved at the mid review. Good work.

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