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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Brief


    Mission Statement My thesis project is to solve problems where is in between care workers, patient and their families, and how we can support their relationships to be better. This project is addressing deeper matter of human’s mentality and how we can approach the core issue that they have with product design direction

    Initial fields In reality, there are many problems in care working such as social acceptability, extremely hard work, trouble with patient and their family, and huge differences of concerns by people in different field. Many problems are mixed together and make themselves more difficult and complex. However, they can be divided by three initial fields, care worker, patient, and family. Also there are two basic bases where they relate each other directly, which are home care and care community (facility).

    Story of care working The order of whole system and story is that patient’s family decides to send him or her to the community, or take a home care. The second is care workers support patient’s daily tasks every day. On the other hand, patient’s family often goes to the community to say hello and see how he or she is doing while the patient is in the community. If patient is cared at their home, family might be busy but they have enough capacity to take care when they are at home.

    How and where problems happen However, this story is not about just how things work simply, but they are all human beings. Therefore, many frictions happen in between care worker, patient, and family. This situation can be seen as a triangle relationship (map), and problems are located in between each vertex.

    From the very first step of care working, family has always struggle that sending him of her to the community or taking a home care because they do not want to send him or her too far from their home, but in reality, they cannot take enough time to care. At the same time, patient also does not want to leave from his or her house. Most of time, patient and their family have a negative thought at very first time. At the point, the family always want care worker to work hard and check their quality of work. The high percentages of critical issues are in between patient and care worker, there is huge friction between them. For example, some elderly patients want to do anything by themselves, but they still have a weakness and need to be cared, and care workers assist them. However, patients get some stress because they cannot do by themselves and release those stress to care workers and family. Finally care workers also get stress and even family concerns the quality of care working. The friction and this bad cycle happen not only by this case, but also many of other causes are involved.

    Initial idea of solution To solve their problem, we need to see the visions from each point, and how they want to do. One point of this condition is that they are very sensitive each other and we cannot interfere with strong sensibility; it needs to be very subtle design direction. More concretely, the solution of this project must be not the tool that changes their daily life or tasks, it is better to be out of their consciousness, or a kind of subtle bridge in between targets.

    Strategy The solution is located in between patient and care worker. Main focal point is there and approaching to have better relationship, and also there is the second function that family and the community can check their condition and relationship somehow. By doing this, the solution is not only functioning in main point, but also reaching other nodes.

    The physical object of design is made from the cycle of the target or the community. Therefore, the solution should be made by low technique or simple process of system. The material has to be thought about the safety issue because the targets involve variety of people, and not to affect their daily life.

    Direct Care Alliance is my core NFP group in NYC which has great activity to be better quality and life of Direct Care Workers in care working community and direct home care. Patients of direct care workers are people who need care working that includes elderly people and handicap people.

  • Hironao, I would like to speak with you during today's class if that is possible. Can you please let me know when we can do that? thanks. steven

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