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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • First survey result (for students)


    First of all, this survey is for students and to know how we think care working socially.

    1. If one member of your family needs care taking for some reasons, Nursing facility (community) or Home care (your house), which one would you like to recommend as a member of family? And why do you think it is better than another?

    >my house, because it must be more comfortable than unfamiliar palces like a nursing facility. >i think i prefer Home care, because they are one of my family member and i don't want to live apart.
    >i think the nursing facility would do a better job since they are the experts.
    >HomeCare. Iwant my family member to be feel comfortable and secure. I'm not saying nursing facility is bad but i want to see how she/he is doing next to me. i want to give them my full attention. >Nursing facility, they can social with other people than staying at home.
    >Well besides me trying to take care of them, I would suggest someone who lives in our home to do the things I could not do while I was working. >nursing facility - more professional and be around more people

    2. If you were care worker for some reasons (maybe part time job or volunteer?) what you would be careful for your job?

    1, stamina to work 0.0%
    2, communication with patient and their family
    3, safety of work 0.0%

    Why do you think so?
    >there is no such a thing as good care without good communication.
    >thats why i can have fun with my work
    >decrease their stress with caring system (espeically patient)
    >I think some families have different ways of doing things that might disrespect of insult one family and not another.
    >to better get to know the ptient and the needs

    3. Do you think our society needs Nursing care facility (community)? or not?

    Yes 100.0%
    No 0.0%

    4. If you need care taking for some reasons, where do you want to take it?

    at Nursing care facility (community)
    at home 57.1%

    * Who would take care?*

    >depends on families.
    >my family member
    >same reason above
    >Someone I hire if not my family.
    >professional help and social life

    5. In the future, computers control and work everything even nursing care, because computer does not mistake and makes you live longer. Then do you want to be cared by the computer (system) or human?

    1, Computer 0.0%
    2, Human
    3, I don't care if it's computer or human

    Why do you choose it? (especially 1 or 2)

    >i think it should be taken care of from both computre and human. Sat,
    >computer has no emotions. I think the person needs to feel love when they are treated so they don't feel lonely or leftout.
    >i like human being? >with computer you dont get anything beyond needs -like just talking, laughing, the computer doent try to feel and listen to your emotional needs

    6. Do you want to be care worker if this is one of choice that you could be?

    Yes 28.6%

    it is No, why?

    >because i have more interest in other fields. but If I had to do so, I would.
    >i wanna do soomething else that i WANT to do.
    >too much responsibility and care needed
    >i don't have enough patience

    these are from a few people but I am going to keep sending surveys.

  • Family2_132_

    Hironao, I think this is quite interesting, and really causes me to think about the future. I know that the trend in recent years has been for people to live longer, and to be cared for in old age by institutions such as nursing home, hospice, assisted living, etc. In the past, old people were cared for in their family home, because three or more generations lived together. this was especially true in Asian countries, where respect for older people is more part of the culture. Even in places like japan, where the elderly are revered, were spending their final days in places other than their own homes. The western model of a nuclear family, that is, a mother, father and children living in a house without any grandparents has been spreading to more traditional cultures. But the western system is not automatically the best, for some of the reasons you explain very well. I think that there will be many good opportunities for developing new products that rely on computers and remote monitoring for old people. Have you looked at this possibility? Or maybe, with the changes in the economy, it will become impossible for everyone to live in their own house, so extended families will become more typical. It makes sense, when the economy is bad, for grandparents to take care of children, so that both parents can work, then the parents can take care of the grandparents at home when they become sick. Do you think that this change could occur, and do you think that there are good products that you could design for this situation? steven

  • Thank you for posting response for me. (and sorry for late reply) Actually this is quite interesting to see different kinds of culture in this topic. Exactly as you said, this topic involves not only care workers and people who need care, but also there are their families and care institutions as well. I have got interview with direct care worker through my NFP group that is called Direct Care Alliance, and he said physical equipments such as hoyer lift, beds, and chairs in those institution are satisfied enough, but the problem always happen between humans. The questioning that you gave me is really pointing about their relationship because their families are involved this issue. I think there are tons of reasosns why and how their family send old people to those institutions or take home-care, and they always have arguments that they should do or not. However, this seems there is a gap between family, care worker, and person who needs care. I think my design direction is about to fill this gap or build a good relationship each other.

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