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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • To be more specific vision of my thesis.



    The core point of my thesis is about relationship between care takers and patients, in other words, communication. In general meaning of “communication” is diverse of ways and ideas to communicate to others, but communication is not only about that, also communication has more potential to grow relationship one and others. This is extremely difficult to design just something about communication, because “design for communication” is too vague, nobody can control it.

    Therefore, this direction needs to be more specific and precisely. From the objective view, I already have clear target of my thesis and design research, and I will know the situation in reality of their field. And also, exploring diverse of vision of existing product is important. Except five example of product that I posted before, I also keep going to search other possibilities that include relatives and non-relatives for my thesis.

    The imageabove is incompleted criteria mapping of whole relatives of my target. All words are related their daily tasks and potential products.

    Below my editable mapping

    Hironao's whole relative mapping in process

    Please check...

  • Hi Hironao, thank you for doing so much writing on the blog. I read through your postings, and I believe you have found something very interesting to work on. the question of how to promote better communication between medical professionals and patients, especially those with communication impairments is very important. In practical terms, doctors and others cannot properly treat people who cannot tell them in clear terms about themselves and their problems. On a more spiritual level, it appears that human interaction and communication has a powerful therapeutic benefit, and by promoting better communication in medical settings, we help people deal more successfully with their emotional issues.

    Now, I need to know how product design can help to facilitate better communication. there is a danger in being too ambitious here; remember the project from last year, where a special desk was supposed to help immigrant parents communicate better with their American-born children. It didn't really work, and so my question is: was it just a bad design, or simply a bad idea to begin with. I would argue that if the conceptual basis for a project is questionable, no amount of "design" is going to improve it.

    I would like to help you to brainstorm about how you can take your idea of communication, and sharpen it and narrow the focus, so that it becomes a problem that is actually solvable. Please tell me some specific problems that medical professionals face as they try to communicate with patients, and how the failure to communicate causes health problems. Be very clear, and use examples.


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