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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Design Mapping Hironao



    1 Pegasus wheelchair. Compared to standard wheelchairs, the size of this Pegasus is almost same size, but it uses many plastic materials instead of metal frame. This is looking beyond possibility of ordinary wheelchairs. The seat is connected to the bottom part and wheels balance with sensor to support a rider to stand. The wheels seem a bit smaller that standard type of wheelchairs, but sensors support its balance. This is a prototype model, thus it is not produced yet but it might be expensive wheelchair for people, because use of high technology which includes sensors, mortars for wheels, and material. However, this concept model has a potential more than its cost problem. This design allows disable people to do something in standing position.

    2 HAL (assisting gear) This is more high technological suitable gear for people who need to be assisted. The whole mechanism, size of every part is suited in each part of human’s body such as arms, legs, and back. Because of concept model (but works perfectly), whole color is white and each joint light up in blue. The function of HAL gives amazing effect to physical actions such what people want to do. The image shows a man bring 3 packs of 5-7kg rice, but actually he does not feel such a heavy weight. The battery pack on his back allows to work a few hours, but now they are developing it to long time use. In the future, HAL might be in such a hospital or other medical institutions, because this gear might be expensive for individual customers. However, HAL already gave a big social impact that real compact suitable gear can assist someone at the exhibition.

    3 RubicCube The size is basically between 2 and 4inches and 6 colors in each side. There is not only 3 lines but also 4 and 5 lines for expert players. The function is a simple three dimensional puzzle for everyone. But there is interesting interaction and reaction of human being behind this toy. The first position is completed, every side has same colors, but someone wants to slide and move colors freely. However, it is not finish for him, he would want to fix and complete in original position. We do not why we want to do it logically at a moment, but there is strong interaction and reaction between someone and RubicCube. Because of its simple function, puzzle that everyone can play, and reasonable size, everyone knows this puzzle, and many competitions in every year.

    4 Lego This is pure product that raises human’s creativity in all age. There are diverse of shape, size, and color that explore much more our imagination. The module system in diverse of primitive shapes allows you make anything you want. The social impact of Lego is one of biggest impact for toy products in the world. Even a mechanic designer and animation designer use this to design mockups today.

    5 LAMY note The size is same as other ball point pens and diameter is also almost same. There are 5 color variations, orange, sky blue, white, black, and two tones (white and black). The stationary company LAMY developed a high quality ball point pen in reasonable price. All edges, length of body, position of the knock bar, every single parts are well thought by designer and masters in LAMY. As a social impact, we have tons of ball point pens in the world, but the masters in LAMY and designer tell us that to good writing, we need good tool also.

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