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Hironao Kato

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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  • Distribution map



    Here is my distribution map.

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    Please take a look my another blog below.

    There is a process line of the template of Day To day.

    Cick Here!!!!!

  • P1000867_132_

    Please take a look my another blog below.

    There is a process line of the template of Day To day.

    Cick Here!!!!!

  • Last Friday, I had a meeting with a guy who founded a travel product company in Japan about how I can expand my thesis project if it is brought in production in the future. He was very interested in my project and talked about real situation which is especially pointed about distribution and the way of marketing.

    For distribution, I suggested me to use two ways. One is for individual target, and the other is for group of targets. By doing this, I can have a benefit of manufacturing costs in terms of material saving of packaging and shipping cost. For home care service, single small package of Day To day is shipped to there, but for care facilities or residence, a package with probably more than 10 of Day To day is shipped to there.

    Secondly, he talked about sales management, in other words, marketing strategy. I have two target areas right now, one is home care service, the other is care facilities. However, he noted that I should target more precisely. To start to bring my product into real world, he recommended to choose a good starter or area which can potentially expand the product to their connection.

    As a simulation in practical scene, I need to prepare DVD or other potential media which shows How To of Day To day for the client. Because care workers are extremely busy in fact, they probably cannot spend a long time to show how to use Day To day.

    I got many opinions and suggestions from this meeting. This is very important for the development of my project in the...

  • User Testing 2


    Before the second round of user testing, I interviewed with a tester who tested in my first user testing. For next user testing, I will send developed prototype which is shaped by heat bending from feedback in mid-review to a care institution in Japan so that I can get feedback from care worker’s side and also reaction in different culture.

    For the next prototype, I will prepare real detailed model that I sketched in the presentation board for mid-review. Concretely, the next prototype has dents on each finger, and the fingers have a nail on top. At this time, the area of user testing will be in a care institution in Japan. I will send them whole package to one care worker and ask him or her to report it. There are two objectives, one is to see how my project goes in care worker's side, and the other is how people who live in different culture (country). After making new prototype, I will send them via Mr, Oshima who knows a manager in that institution.

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    For the packaging, I have two directions so far. One is a typical type of hat box which is shaped in short cylinder form. Because of knitting template can be rolled-up, the form of hat box is the most compact package. The other is flat package which is from the feedback in mid-review. The reason of this choice is its eco-friendly way. The knitting template has also the possibility that the body can be separable and fit in flat. The flat package benefits at the point of less material use.

    Compared to both directions, flat package has a benefit which I mention right before. However, the flat package might be thrown away easily because there is no reason to keep unstable item. On the other hand, the hat box has a potential in terms of sustainability, because elderly people love to keep physical items even news papers. They might want to keep the flat package too, but there is one significant difference between two directions, memory.

    Therefore, the hat box form might be fit in my targets area well. Also, by packaging in hat box form, one story possibly happens that a care worker brings the “Day To day” in the package which is hat box form to his or her client, and the client keeps the package as well, because this is such a scene that one person presents a clothing to a friend.

  • I have got good feedbacks from today’s mid-review. All critics responded my project positively and they pointed both strong point and point where should be developed. I note the points what I have to develop my project as a summary of this mid-review.

    Most of them pointed about the material of the template. They agreed to use flexible plastic, but, one of them suggested me to use fabric so that the user is not hurt by the edge of plastic template. However, another critics responded that fabric is easy to be dirty itself. There was a struggle between other materials, but he gave me other potentials of material use.

    The current template of my project is a straight line, but some critics wanted to see in different shape such as circle so that users can create other form of knitting. However, a circle shape is actually presented last mid-review. This is probably I have to keep in mind that my template should change to other forms.

    Finally, one critic asked me why the user uses this project (product) instead of others such as puzzle, chess, and board games. This is exactly same comment as a critic asked me last mid-review, and this is what I need to prepare clearly. My project provides simple interactive collaboration and the users can have creations from it at the end. Also this provides other benefits that physical therapy for client and their creation as a record for supervisor and director of care worker and client’s family. This is I should note on my board and speech...

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