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Chen You Chien

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

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    Well-being, Industrial Design


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    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Thesis Statement:

    My thesis is to improve the safety of food delivery bicyclists working in Asian restaurants in Manhattan, NYC by designing accessories to provide safer and better handling/maneuvering for them while making delivery.


    • We live in the city that is crowded and demanding heavily on commercial cyclists to make delivery everywhere, especially food delivery.

    • In Manhattan, there are over 6,000 to 8,000 delivery personnel who serve at 3500+ restaurants that have delivery service through out the city.

    • Not only a large portion of these restaurants are Asian oriented food but a lot of food delivery cyclists are Asian (especially Chinese) and they are the group of underlying people who do not get much attention to.

    • They often overwork and are exhausted. They work by the average of 65 to 70 hours a week and make 30 to 60 deliveries a day.

    • Through my observations and interviews with this group of people, typical food delivery cyclists, a lot of time, have 6 to 8 bags of food on their handlebars and arms. This inevitably increases the chance of accidents caused by hard steering and bad maneuvering caused by the excess weight on the handlebars.

    • The excess weight of food also make balancing the bicycle difficult especially that they always have to swerve in between traffic and avoid pedestrians and taxis to make speedy deliveries.

    Part B: A Larger Problem related to Food delivery cyclists in NY...

  • User Testing Scenario

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    1. Who will be the users for your 1st test?

    The user for my 1st user testing will be Asian food delivery cyclists who can provide me input from their own experience and knowledge.

    a. What criteria will you use to select the individuals who will test your prototype?

    The criterion for my user testing is that all food delivery cyclists I invite have to work in Asian food restaurants because that is where my focuses are. I tried to contact the food deliverymen that I have constantly contact with (3~5 of them) for the reason that they not only know what I am doing (talked with them) but also they are better at (several years of experiences on making delivery) and generous on providing information and design ideas. I will invite them to join other tests but also have some other food deliverymen for fresh ideas and opinions.

    b. What type of environment will you test them in?

    The test will be conducted on my bicycle to show the testing group how the product works. The group can also sit on the bike to feel how the bag will affect/ enhance the riding experience.

    2. What type of relationship do you need with NFP and users to conduct your test?

    I need to keep in touch with the selected food delivery cyclists and also exploring new ideas from other deliverymen. I will also keep updating my progress with my NFP Transportation Alternative for ideas and suggestion.

  • Market Competition

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    How does your concept compare with competition?

    Market competitors:

    1. KFC Delivery Bag

    Designed by the company Trevor Owen, the KFC bag is a durable and sturdy bag


    Bright color for easy recognition

    Heavy Duty vinyl

    Multiple pockets

    Handle webbing go around the entire bag for additional support


    No shoulder Strap

    Small volume

    No accessories to be mounted on bicycle

    Think insulation that minimize space

    1. Iron Duck Omni Medical Bike Bag

    This bag is designed especially for bicycle. It has reflective strips and bright, heavy-duty vinyl exterior and hollow centered area for mounting on rear wheel.


    Bright color for safety

    Has reflective strips

    Especially designed for bicycle

    Has shoulder Strap


    Less pocket

    Small volume

    Equipped with zipper; not as fast as Velcro opening

    Expensive ($165.00)

    I feel my design is unique in terms that it focuses especially on Asian food delivery so the size is kind of different from what are on the market. It is designed especially for bicycle so it will fit better and be easier to carry around. The bag will also combining good design from what are currently on the market (Bright colour, durable material, multiple pockets, durable straps, insulated layers...etc) with inexpensive price.

  • Timeline Sheet revision

    Well-being, Industrial Design


    The revised timeline sheet shows immediate urgency of getting the design finalize; which means user testing is needed in a short period of time.

  • NFP -Connection

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    **1 Name(s) and contact information for the NFP or user group you plan to use for your 1st prototype test**

    NFP: Transportation Alternative Who: Caroline Samponaro, Director of Bicycle Advocacy Phone: 212-629-8080 Email:

    **2 What aspect of your prototype you plan to test and how you plan to conduct the test**

    I am going to test out portability, material, volume, and ergonomic by mounting sketch models on my bicycle and also gather opinions from user groups. I will also mount the models on different kind of bicycle (city bike, mountain bike, and foldable bikes) to figure out the best position and way to finalize design on the product.

    **3 A description of how your current relationship w/NFP or user group supports using them to test your prototype**

    I am going to conduct user testing with both my NFP group and user group who are the food delivery cyclists. I have starting to ask opinions on my idea of food delivery bag from delivery people by introducing to them my concept and what will be included in the package. Caroline at Transportation Alternative was the person I contacted with last semester for information on Food delivery cyclists. I will arrange a meeting/ email her with my design for improvement and refinement.

    **4 The steps you will take during the next 2 weeks to conduct your test w/NFP or user group if your relationship does not currently support their willingness to participate in your test.**

    I have to get in a closer connection ...

  • Thesis Time Line Grid

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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  • Mid Reviews and Boards

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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    It was fun and nervous to went through the mid review. There are many good feedbacks from critics and some suggestions as to where my project can proceed to.

    Many of the critics thought it is an interesting project to proceed and investigate. Some of them also commented that my target group is truly underserved in many aspects and need more attentions towards them.

    There are many questions toward the projects and comments on how I can improve.

    Project: Some critics questioned the usefulness of such product and how much difference it is from what are on the market already. One critics mentioned the baskets that are already out there and why the focus do not use them. Another critic felt that this is not a thesis level problem because it does not address other safety issue cyclists’ faces today. Some thought the problem is not clear enough and the argument need to be better built. Others, while thought the project is interesting, would like to see a better design so maybe not only the delivery people can use but other cyclists can also adopt them.

    NFP: Some critics thought the NFP connection need to be better established and connected more in order to access relevant information on the issues and focus group. A Critic recommended me to translate my board and argument into focus group’s language as a mean for engagement with them.

    *Board: * Critics wanted to see more of storyboard and how the product is used. Some sug...

  • **Thesis Board**

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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  • **Design Argument Framework**

    Well-being, Industrial Design


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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
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