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Chen You Chien

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Interview with Food Delivery Personnel: CASE 4

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Mr. Wong

    Position: Vietnamese Restaurant Delivery

    1. Do you own the bicycle you use for delivery? A: Yes, I own the bicycle.

    2. I see you have black tapes all over your bike frame and plastic bags over your seat, can you tell me why? A: The black tapes are there to protect bike frame because we put bike locks around it. The plastic bag over the seat is to protect the seat against rain. (But there might be more to it because he was kind of hesitant to talk about it and did not answer to the question before I ask him the third time.)

    3. What do you think is the most dangerous situation on the road during delivery? A: Taxis are the most dangerous because they don’t use turning signals and they cut off my lanes without warning. Also dooring from people exiting taxi is also very dangerous.

    4. Do you wear helmet? A: No I don’t use one because if I got into accident, I don’t think it will be useful.

    5. Do you use front and back light? A No, because I don’t think they come in useful.

    6. How many delivery people are in the restaurant you serve in? A: There are three of us.

    7. How many delivery do you have to make a day? A: Around 30 deliveries a day. Sometimes I have to carry 7 to 8 bags of food with me and have to deliver all of them in a very short time frame because people start to complain and called the restaurant after 20 minutes and they will cancel the food if it is more than 40 minutes to an hour.

    8. How do you take all 7 to 8 bags? Can you hang all of them on your handlebar? A: If there is not enough of space on the handlebar, I have to hang them on my arms. (He showed me he has arm bands on his arm to hang plastic bags)

    9. Is it very hard to control when all the food? A: What can I do? That is life.

    10. What do you think would be a good change to your bicycle to make your delivery experience better? What if there is a box to put food? A: A box at front of the bike or two boxes hanging on the side of the back rack are good. But depends on which kind of food you deliver. If you delivery things like tofu that are like of fragile to too much movement, then you can put them there.

    11. So if there is a box with cushion to prevent too much movement, it would be a good addition? A: Yes, that would be a good thing to have.

    12. How long do you work a day? Do you work overtime? A: I work 12 hours to 13 hours a day and usually from 10:30 to 23:30 and sometimes till 00:30.

    13. How much do you get per hour? A: Our wages are very little so basically what we got are the tips customers give. I get very angry because many times people they only gives you exact amount with no tips or only tips you one dollars and they took the food and shut the door on my face. They don’t know how hard it is to be a delivery person.

    14. What do you react to these customers when there are little tips given? A: If I knock on their doors and ask for tips or kind of complain when they pays for food with little tips, they gets angry and yell at me. I sometimes throw back the dollar tip back to them because they have no sense of respect. It is hard to work in this field because people treat you like shit. (He also mentioned the Saigon Grill case.)

  • Ive been following your interviews, very interesting, a lot of similar things keep coming up, is this the group you plan on focusing with?

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