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Chen You Chien

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Interview with Food Delivery Personnel: CASE 1

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    Who: Mr.Liu

    Position: Chinese Restaurant Delivery


    1. Do you own the bike you are using for delivery? A: Yes, I own the bicycle. Restaurant does not provide one.

    2. Why do a lot of delivery bicycle have plastic bag covered seat and frame? A: There are two reasons why those bicycles are covered in plastic bag. First reason is to protect brake cable located on the frame because people usually put chain lock around the frame and the chain lock might damage the cable and affact brake performance. Second reason is to camouflage and disguise the bike and its details from being recognized by original owners

    3. Are you saying that your bike is a stolen bike? A: Yes, we bought our bicycles from "second hand" sellers for cheap price. These bicycles can worth from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars when bought brand new from their previous owners.

    4. Do you wear helmet when riding bicycle? A: I have helmet but I don't really wear it especially during summer time because it is just too hot.

    5. Do you find it dangerous not to wear helmet? A: I always ride with caution.

    6. Do you use front and back light during night delivery? A: I have those light also but it is just too much trouble placing them on bicycle so I leave them at home. Some who use them are mostly American and Mexican. (Directly quote from Mr.Liu)

    7. Do you follow traffic law when delivery food? A: Time is very important for us and we have to make the deliver fast so we use the shortest routes available.

    8. What do you mean by shortest routes? A: Shortest routes means we often have to ride the opposite direction as the traffic goes.

    9. What is the most dangerous situation you find when making delivery? A: The most dangerous situation is when someone open doors without noticing us. This happened especially with taxis. I saw a Mexican delivery guy flew over when been doored by taxi. It is just too dangerous with situation like this.

    10. What do you think you want to add to your bicycle and why? A: I think my bike is fine. I dont want to add anything. If I really have to say something, I would say I want a better brake for better braking.

  • steve, this interview is fantastic, actually very amusing and interesting. I have never really noticed those plastic bags, but now I will start looking. It's funny that the reason for them is to disguise the bike from the actual owner. It's also funny that he was so willing to say that the bikes are all stolen. I also like that he says he is very careful, but he doesn't use a helmet or light (even though he has them), and he admits going the wrong way down one way streets. Unfortunately, there is nothing he wants to improve his bike, so what are you going to do now? steven

  • Steve, I really liked your survey. Can I talk about it in my presentation about interpreting data from surveys at monday's class? How many responses did you get? Did you survey other delivery guys? can you please write a couple of paragraphs based on the results of this work and send it to me by tomorrow afternoon? Let me know. Thanks. steven

  • here is an editorial from today's new york times that discusses chinese restaurant delivery guys. steven

  • Dear Steven:

    You are welcome to use my survey on Monday's class. I have two different surveys though and the one i have is not the questions i talked to the delivery guys. However, I do have follow up with Case one interviewee and i also have 4 other interviews with delivery people from different restaurants. I will post them up later. I can try to summarize them up and send them to you.



  • steve, I am really looking forward to seeing the rest of your data. I loved the first interview, and now that I read that article in the Times about those delivery guys, I have new interest in the subject. By the way, I heard those guys average $100 per day in tips (say, 30 deliveries a day, averaging $3.33 per tip). So, if they work every day, they would make $36,500 a year, cash. Its not bad. I bet those delivery guys sued because some lawyer said they could make a lot of money all at once, so they did it, but it was a big risk, because I'm sure no one will ever hire those guys again. They should take their cash and go start a small company back in China.

    Please send everything you have, even if you are not planning on posting it, and I would appreciate it if you would send it ASAP. steven

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