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Chen You Chien

New York, NY, United States

Member since September 08, 2008

  • Transportation Issue in Urban Cities



    Transportation in Urban Cities is to elevate citizens’ living standard by providing fast, varies systems that can send people to different areas in a short period of time. When the urban cities become more populated and has more private cars on the road, government built more highways to accommodate more cars in stead of limiting car number until recent years. Problems occurred by the phenomenon slow down the traffic (public and private) in the cities and create air pollutions and health issue (respiratory system, allergies...etc).

    There are many ways to resolve traffic problem in the cities. For example, limiting access of cars in the cities at peak time by charging fees, recommend and reconstruct public transportation to shorten travel times and reduce emissions, or suggested alternative transportation like electric car/ bikes, bicycles, or walk.

    There are two successful systems that reduce car flow or encourage people to use environmental friendly vehicles. One is the toll fee in London, UK that charge cars and trucks a minimum of eight pounds for entering the city centre has made a good success; the other is the bicycle sharing system in Paris that encourage people to ride bicycle with just a small fees by renting bicycles from the cities.

    I am very interested at the idea of using alternative transportation (bicycle or electric vehicle) to reduce traffic. My plan is to design the transportation that meet certain desires or create goodness that can then encourage people to ride on them. I am also thinking the compatibilities of incorporating the transportation with public transits so people can both systems to get to their destinations.

    My main target will be people who move around in cities or people who commute to the city centre. I think the plan can encourage people to use public transit and the clean transportation and also save money on gas and maintenance of cars.

    The non profit group I would like to contact is transportation Alternative because they are the expert in encouraging people to use clean transportations by showing data, videos, and activates they host. They are also very active in engaging with other non-for profit groups on the issue of transportation.

  • Michael_0_132_

    Steve, good work identifying a great NFP to work with. Transportation Alternatives has done some great work in this area, and I think they will agree to work with you if present it right. I would love to brainstorm with you about various product ideas based on the idea of trying to encourage people to ride bikes; of course, in big cities like NYC, it is sometime very dangerous. There is a group called Ghost Bike that creates monuments at places in the city where a bike rider was killed. It's quite spooky and effective. There are many possibilities for where your project can go, so you need to do some serious research and really understand the problems that face cities that try to get people to switch to bicycles...

  • Last week i was by 36th street and broadway and as i was going to get into the subway i notices across the street one of these Ghostbikes. i went out of my way to take a look at it. it was quite haunting. very interesting to observe. I wonder how the accident may have happened and how we can learn from it. They do mention the name and that he was hit by a truck, but my question is, how? whos fault? how could it have been avoided?

  • I love the idea of the velib bicycle that paris has tried to encourage. I wonder, has it lead to alot more bicycle use? has pollution gone down? are there statistics that back it up? I also wonder, what are the problems that a system like that has to deal with? ie during rush hour, will all the bikes be gone by first come first serve and then what does a person do?

  • In response to observed, posted by Samuel Vider,
    in the thread Transportation Issue in Urban Cities

    Hi Samuel, I wonder about those ghost bikes, too. It's amazing to me that the city doesn't remove them, but I am glad that they don't. They remind you of the temporary nature of life, and how things can change very abruptly. I traveled in India, where they have these makeshift shrines all over the place, especially along roads that wind perilously through the mountains. I remember riding on a bus along one of these, where the driver seemed to be highly erratic and somewhat out of control, seeing these monuments along the way where buses, just like the one that I was riding on at that moment, had plunged over the edge, killing 40 or 50 people. You don't see that kind of thing much in New York, so the Ghost Bikes can seem very out of place and spooky. However, there is a tradition in other parts of the US to erect roadside memorials to people who died in traffic accidents. steven

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