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Simon Dunn

Nottingham, United Kingdom


Member since September 03, 2008

  • nano solar material



    Seems like just round the corner a new malleable film like material may give product designer sand artists alike a new material with which craft their wares. This new material in a product could power itself and or if un-mechanical in nature power other devices.

    • Think city based sculptures powering the street lights.
    • Niche fashion design powering your ipod (generic mp3 player)
    • An ipod product design powering... well itself..

    The difference is that the product would not have visually unappealing solar cells, but have visually unseen green powering material as part of its actual make up.

    The world could be cleaner, greener but still visually pleasing.


  • 2008logomid_177_

    Hi There,

    Quick introduction to tell you about the studio I represent...

    We are a creative studio that cater for all manner of media disciplines. Be it website design, graphic design, video production and much more. Based in Nottingham (UK) we feel its the perfect position to serve both the UK and international clients.

    We have ideas for people and then we make them real and make those people very happy. We make things look and feel better, no matter how big or small. We’re passionate about what we do and above all we want to make things we, and our customer are proud of. It would be interesting to learn more about what this site representing so please feel free to post and tell me more.

    Please visit link to see more

    Yes it is is blantent self promotion but if I dont shout about it then no one is gonna do it for me :)

    we also do (or have just started) music video and animation see..

    and also our first attempt music video which got on MTV2

    Please feel free to get in touch with proposal of work as we are always looking for new clients in a multitude of fields.

    Kind Regards

    Simon Dunn


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