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rajiv kaul

Chandigarh, India

Designer (Software)

Member since August 26, 2008

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    In response to Designing the Future,
    in the thread

    Being a co-founder of a software product development firm in India and Design graduate - I feel designers have much more to give back to society by the means of there creative energies and ideas.

    By designing and developing interactive and usable software products we are making DIGITAL world as our secondary home. We are spending more time on-line in social networks than personally meeting people.

    But all this can be used to make our lives better, our homes, cities better.

    Recently I met a Cerebral Palsy affected child and his family - in Chandigarh. They are facing challenges like shortage of good medical and physiotherapy aid/advice locally. Equipments like Wheel Chair (battery operated) are not available in India. Buildings are not designed as per the needs of such specially able children. (Basic things like ramps are not provided for them in the physiotherapy buildings where a 15 year old boy can be taken to a third floor on a wheel chair).

    So we have decided to work with them to set-up social network groups on various social networking sites, and getting them and other children help from outside Chandigarh city.

    Secondly we are planning to setup a web platform where such parents can come together with child history and reports and Experts from world over can participate and give advice and direction.

    Any help or ideas are welcome for this project. Contact me at

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