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stokely smith

madison, WI, United States


Member since August 22, 2008

herbalist, mother, and doula, artist. thank you to my teachers: janice dinsdale. susun weed. ruth anchetta. amy gilliland. karen kohls.

I model for socially conscious fashion designers......

RootsWisdom is my business. The theory behin RootsWIsdom, is that if we can get people back to health, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, other aspects of our deteriorating society will fall into place. It is based on the premise that as one changes, so too their veiw of their entire world changes, and creating healthier more rooted people, will naturally result in a healthier more rooted society.....So I am working to spread the RootsWisdom. Right now I am working mostly with women and the childbearing years. I am a strong advocate of homebirth, breastfeeding, and woman centered care. I feel most full working with underprivileged, marginalized or inner city youth. For me being an herbalist is an extension of a healthy lifestyle that focuses on plants for food and medicine. I see it as part of a whole lifestyle utilizing local organic food. I have begun wokrking on forming a non profit in an effort to reach and inspire more youth. JuneBug I.F.C.A combines, environmental education, with multicultural arts initiatives and activism to bring youth together in the spirit of creating positive social change.


social revolution through personal transformation

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  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design