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Nancy Montalvo

Jakarta, FL, United States

Member since September 09, 2013

  • The modern world of MTV and the cult of the celebrity has made body image a prime concern for large numbers of men, and especially women. It is a widespread belief for many people that their personal worth is a reflection of how they look. The desire for a perfect body drives people to the gym, to groups such as 'Weight Watchers' and into the hands of the best dietitian Long Island can offer.

    Almost everyone has heard a Hollywood star or pop singer enthuse about the success of a variety of diets. Personal trainers have become the norm for actors and rock stars. The quest for the fountain of youth is more popular today than ever before. Food deemed to be healthy quickly becomes 'flavor of the month'.

    These days, it has become a focus of honour for celebrity moms to return to their pre-natal figure as quickly as humanly possible following the birth of a child. The average young mother feels a necessity to pull off something similar. Infinite numbers of television shows and glossy magazine pages are committed to this.

    It seems that Marilyn Monroe, one of cinema's all time greatest icons, would be considered fat these days. Curves are no longer fashionable. Catwalk models are skin and bone. The famed 'heroin chic' is in. A dress size that was considered 'normal' until recently is often now classed as 'out- sized'.

    A sensible diet is obviously beneficial to anyone's health and well- being. Fresh fruit and vegetables (described as 'five a day') are an essential part of healthy ...

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