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Heather Fleming

Menlo Park, CA, United States


Member since August 17, 2008

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    The development community is blessed with several amazing women leaders. I've been volunteering with Engineers Without Borders for several years now and have met some amazing people doing amazing things. I'm an engineer by training, so I'm not accustomed to seeing so many females around. Unfortunate, but true. However, through my volunteer work I've met some of the amazing females advocating social equality around the world -- some in their spare time and others are also budding entrepreneurs.

    Anurupa Rao - is a design engineer at D2M Inc, but in her spare time she's developing an extremely low-cost water storage container with International Development Enterprises for farmers in Myanmar. She's also an active volunteer in Engineers Without Borders

    Emily Pilloton -- founded a non-profit in San Francisco called Project H Design. Her focus is using design to address some of the world's most pressing humanitarian needs. She's currently expanding her non-profit.

    Ann Torres -- a mechanical engineer at Function Design who also leads an Appropriate Technology Design Team, focused on technology design development for the developing world.

    Erica Estrada -- co-founder of d.Light Design, a for-profit organization based in India that develops high-quality LED lighting for low-income communities throughout India... and soon the world, I hope.

    Jocelyn Wyatt -- leading the Social Impact + Business Factors group at IDEO, one of the world's largest design firms. Jocelyn has a long list of international organizations she's worked for and is also a former Acumen Fund Fellow.

    Parmita Dalal -- working with Hippo Roller in South Africa to develop an innovative, affordable way to safely transport water in rural communities. She's also joining d.Light Design in October to help expand their product line.

    The list of these unsung heroes goes on and on. I'm glad to know them and push to advocate them and their work. We need more women like them.

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