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Heather Fleming

Menlo Park, CA, United States


Member since August 17, 2008

Heather is CEO and co-founder of Catapult Design, a product and technology firm that serves developing world markets. Catapult Design’s clients are organizations working in impoverished communities with technology needs – including rural electrification, water purification and transport, food security, and health. Before starting Catapult, she worked more than five years as a product design consultant in Silicon Valley, designing products for a diverse range of clients. In 2005, she also co-founded and led a volunteer group focused on developing world design through Engineers Without Borders. The team’s work has been featured in a variety of media and publications, including Newsweek,, ABC News, and PRI’s The World. In 2008, Heather was named a Pop!Tech Social Innovation Fellow for her work with Engineers Without Borders and Catapult Design, a program aimed at high-potential young leaders with new approaches for transformational impact. Heather also lectures at Stanford University, teaching Design for Sustainability in the Mechanical Engineering department. Heather has a BS in Product Design from Stanford University.

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Poverty, Industrial Design


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Designing products and technologies for the following non-profits: The Ihangane Project (Rwanda); Project Healthy Children (Nepal); Hippo Water International (India); AIDG (Guatemala)

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  • Industrial Design
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