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Brent Norris

Mountain View, Hawaii, United States


Member since August 11, 2008

  • In response to Defining Web Sustainability, posted by George Eid,
    in the thread Defining Web Sustainability

    If only plants could digitize themselves, I'm sure they would. Interacting with all the compounds they do must be fun but surely they would prefer to travel at lightspeed on optical wires or blow through the air faster than a whisper to meet their digital evolution on the other side of a planet.

    As I watch my small piece of the forest evolve I ask myself questions like, "Why can't everything generate it's own power from it's own movement?" and "why doesn't everyone work online yet?"

    The answer for me at least, is simple. There's more money for some people in friction-heavy industries. Okay, now that I've lost all but a few of you, I'll try and make a point.

    Working on the web and using the web as a platform for sustaining yourself is the best thing you can do for the environment.

    Migratory web professionals will lead the way after all this "green friction reduction" is long gone. We'll fight for things like bandwidth freedom and job visualization strategies more issues become political and social by http://nature, having just left the time of possibility and into potentiality.

    Our old problems with oil will pale ten years from now when large-scale internet outages are threatened.

    Doubt me? Of course you do. You're probably much more "stable" than I am so please break your own thoughts off this morsel of sustainable thinking. What do I know, I don't even watch television.

    You probably don't live in the forest. But you should spe...

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