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Emily Ballantyne-Brodie

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Designer (film)

Member since August 10, 2008

Hi, I am from Melbourne, Australia.

I am the co-convener of Future Canvas. I have a passion for infusing art, design and sustainability. I am a community designer and artist, who wishes to bring creative potential out in people through participating in community art projects and initiatives. I have researched community art and design locally and internationally. I attended the Changing the Change Design Conference in Turin, Italy, in 2008 a gathering for designers to consider their response to the challenge of sustainability. I have strong ties to the Milan Polytechnic as well as Melbourne’s own design community. I holds a BA Major Hisory and Environment, G.Dip (Management) and is currently studying an MA in Environment and Sustainability at Monash University, Australia.

I love permaculture gardening, film, nature, fencing, hanging out with friends and meeting new people.

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How we live our everyday can change the world.

Elements like our community, our wellbeing, our home, our food and our clothes are brushstrokes on a canvas. Express yourself. Re-design your everyday.

Since 2007, Future Canvas, a design collective of volunteers, has been doing just that, through artful everyday action toward sustainability. Starting with a visionary garden in the Docklands, our fledgling social enterprise is working with Melbourne's green thumbs to make urban agriculture dirty and sexy. This is just the beginning... Future Canvas is developing an inner-city space for artists and social entrepreneurs, not to mention a range of quirky and inspiring media projects.

If you are a gardener, builder, filmmaker, baker, publicist, consultant, editor, lawyer, student, designer, singer, accountant, dancer, engineer, zoologist, architect or pigeon fancier (just about anyone really!)

Blog and browse at

Check our blogs to find about the latest happenings:

Search for 'Future Canvas' on You-tube.

I am really supportive of;


Transition Towns Movement

Project for Public Spaces

Permaculture Movement (it began in Melbourne!)

Esterni (in Milano)

New York Streets Renaissance

The future is your canvas.

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My Interests

  • Industrial Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Communication Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Audio/Visual Design