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Willem Ratliff


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If you have built up your blog in terms of new and repeated traffic, you should start thinking about selling ad space and monetizing your blog. You have the foundation laid, so it's really a matter of researching your market. Before you start to market your blog for advertising you need to understand which offers are going to work the best. The only ads you should run are ads that are relevant, this much should be obvious to you. If you accept non-relevant advertisers the conversion rates are going to be low and that is why you shouldn't accept them. While you might make a few bucks you're still going to be putting yourself into a bad situation. Related markets work well but you still need to discuss things with the advertiser.

When you spend enough time visiting websites, you are going to see a lot of different combinations of formatting for ad space. Testing a variety of locations for your various creatives is one of the most intelligent things you are able to do. Pretty much the most widely accepted and popular spot to put ads is right there with your articles or site content. You don't want the ads to make your readers annoyed, distracted or, worst of all, click away. Make sure you spend some time figuring out the level of relevance an ad is going to have to your content. Do your best to imagine what your readers will think and then see if that works with whatever it is that the advertiser wants to promote. Your content's length is going to be what decides how many ads you can put up on your website. So that's another good reason for having lengthy content.

You already know that businesses and Internet Marketers are always giving out bonuses. The offer, however, is the most powerful part of whatever marketing or advertising you are doing but hopefully you know that already. Make sure you apply this to the ad space that you are offering. Remember you will need to market your ad space if you are not well-known. Make your offers better though the offering of discounts or coupons that are time-sensitive. You can offer discounts to the more expensive ad buyers or you can find some creative method of rewarding repeat business. Nobody dislikes feeling special and appreciated. Work on those feelings, create creative offers and don't forget to test.

If your website is well known or if you are very popular, you should stay hands off with your advertising. This will not be available for everyone because you basically are saying it doesn't matter if you buy my ad space or not. This sends a clear signal to businesses and they'll think you're doing well. If you need to fake this, make sure to put your own banners in any unused ad space you might have. Find affiliate programs and join them. Just make sure to take care here because potential ad purchasers have ways of finding out what you're trying to do. Building banners for other companies is also helpful in helping your site look the part. Always have an idea of what you want to accomplish, whether you are using Google Adsense or a third-party sponsor on your site. The choice that you make will always be in your favor, but affect everyone is well. Any advertiser will understand that perhaps they cannot enjoy ads above the fold, anymore. Three Useful Strategies For Gaining Ad Revenue On Your Website