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Thrane Compton


Member since September 08, 2013

Stunning Pearl Jewelry for Eternal Beauty
Hanadama, meaning "Flower Pearl," represents the highest quality Japanese Akoya pearls, which are certified by the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory. Every Hanadama pearl necklace is an remarkable jewelry adorned by all ladies of class. This gorgeous Hanadama pearl necklace includes incredibly glossy pearls ranging from 6.0 to 6.5 mm in size. All pearls in Hanadama pearl necklace are perfectly round and are strung with silk thread using a double-knot in between each pearl. We learned about akoya cultured pearl by searching Google Books. This necklace comes with a conventional 14 K gold clasp, though premium clasps can be picked for an added expense. Dig up further on close remove frame by visiting our lofty site. The Hanadama pearl necklace is made from high quality cultured pearls and it has been an exclusive piece of jewelry gracing the necks of ladies for decades. The Hanadama certified pearls are renowned for their luster, excellence, and radiance and are authenticated by the by the Japan Pearl Science Laboratory. The stunning Akoya pearl set is made from the very lustrous Hanadama certified pearls that range from 7.0 to 7.5 mm in size. All pearls in the necklace, bracelet, and earrings are perfectly round and are strung with silk thread. The gold posts for the earrings will match with the color of gold picked for the clasp and bracelet. The V-shaped black pearl pendant made of Tahitian South Sea pearl and diamond is an very lovely black pearl pendant with a gorgeous centerpiece. This remarkable 14 K white gold pearl necklace has a gorgeous dark green Tahitian South Sea black pearl embellished with sparkling diamonds. The pearl and diamond pendant made from three beautiful 9 mm AAA quality South Sea pearls with really high gloss is an phenomenal piece of jewelry. The White, Tahitian, and Golden South Sea pearls are all imported directly from the shores of Australia, Tahiti, and the Philippines. The pearl and diamond pendant is comprised of SI-quality diamonds and high quality 14 K gold. Every pearl and diamond pendant is made from the most elegant pearls and diamonds by experts who pay careful attention to every detail to create a truly beautiful pearl and diamond pendent. You can discover a large range of elegant pearl rings with diamonds in genuine jewelry shops. For example the stunning 14 K yellow gold Golden South Sea pearl ring includes a gorgeous pearl of very high gloss and is loaded with SI quality diamonds and 14 K yellow gold. In case people require to identify additional info about real black pearls, there are many resources you should think about investigating. All pearl rings with diamonds are accredited for quality by GIA pearl professionals and come packaged in lovely pearl jewelry boxes. Pearls are typically used for necklaces, earrings, and lovely rings. Whether featured as solitaires, in clusters, or used to accent another stone, there are lots of pearl ring settings for pearls. Paired with gold or platinum, the pearl rings can be very traditional, antique, or contemporary and they come in a variety of colors.