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elisa ruffino

pasadena, United States

Producer, Designmatters at Art Center College of Design

Member since August 07, 2008

  • Text and image fight one another. There's only pollution here, no solution. You have a few words convince me of your message, Make it clear, readable, dramatic--both in content and in treatment. Think about your message more clearly.

  • I would agree with some of Susan's critique, albeit a bit differently. While there is something quite nice about the visual, I'm not sure what the message is.

    I assume high-rise construction can be viewed as a solution to fighting low density sprawl, therefore saving land and resources. Cranes can also be viewed as a symbol of progress but I'm completely left guessing to what you're trying to say.

    So, if you're going down the path I outlined in the paragraph above, I think your solution (high-density development) is much better identified then your pollution (sprawl). Support copy could solve the problem, or the pollution aspect of the poster can be better identified.

    Good luck.

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