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Jonathan Schute

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Designer (Graphic Design)

Member since August 06, 2008

  • Great concept and even a better implementation. I was wondering if all the languages used in the (semi) circle are unique or not? Is there a co-relation between the color coding among the languages?

    I would love to see a larger version of the circle, where I can read the languages. Please let me know if there a larger image posted on your site and/or a blog.

    Thank you.


  • very clean and minimalistic design. The semiotics are working for me. You did the research and found all these languages to have in your poster. The half world analogy also can mean destruction since it looks like the death star from star wars. I wuld love to see other ideas applying this same concept of words and black background, maybe the words can form other types of shapes and make this poster a series. Although I have to say that this style of design I try not to practice, because I like more graphic dominant designs that can convey many messages at once.

    good job!!!

  • but I really love this poster. I wish I designed it :)

    Much respect from Germany.

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