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Henri Holme


Member since September 07, 2013

Pam Hendrix is actually senior president associated with SUP Venture Works, a firm that gives outdoor physical activities services to organizations and non-profit businesses. The lady consults on a regular basis with professionals from a various areas to aid create sporting methods to world-impacting problems. Prior to her present position, she developed and led the Everest Sky-Diving group at India Expeditions. Brought up in Palmer, Washington, She now resides with her three young children and 14 family pet tortoises on a hacienda in Mexico. She has been recently recognized with the first yearly Hobe honor for Notable Accomplishments in Outdoor Sports, and she has been asked to join the design group of Lost Surfboards. The coming year, she will be serving as an honorary faculty member at a private university, where she will teach classes in medical negligence law while researching two textbooks on that topic. {She now is a Seo specialist who deals with marketing for lawyers. Linkedin Marketing For Lawyers