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Rodney Hughes

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Natural Perfumer/ CEO

Member since July 30, 2008

  • Taprobaine_x3_advertisement_ready_132_

    L'eau de Taprobaine is a gourmand lovers delight. This newest addition to the Therapeutate line up is inspired by my travel to the island country of Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka is renowed for it's ancient history and the sacred geometry of were this sits within the Axis Mundi.

    It is steeped in mystery and adventure. The ancient Greeks knew well of it's importance and gave it the name Taprobane.

    Sri Lanka's importance to the Silk Roads of the Sea makes it a fasinating place. I happened to be their some years ago on a business trip, it is the most amazing place I have ever visited.

    From our private party along the Indian Ocean to our visit to Paradise Road. Everything about this place was magical and I even have a pair of pants that split right up the rise from too much dancing to prove it's effect on the spirit.

    Even my late night rendevous to a magical little abode nettled in a most secret garden complete with the most beautiful male servants I have ever seen is still lock in the memory of this place.

    I cried to leave hoping one day to return and I shall. But until then I'd like you share with you my memories of Taprobaine in the newest creation by Therapeutate Parfum.

    Taprobaine is sweet with a under current of spices and a very sensual spirit that lingers. It will intoxicate you and your lovers.

    Be about the Earth, Your inner spirit and the wellness of all!!


  • Journey to the Living Perfume Exhibit

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    Sundays have become a very sacred day for me, since it seems I am working all the time these days. If I am not in the lab creating some beautiful new object of scent, I am in the hardware store nursing it’s sucess.

    So I do cherish my Sunday down time, it’s the only day my partner and I get to really just breath and lounge around the house. Now, that it is Spring there is the wonder of the bloom. I usually pier out through our back windows while Dez spends his time getting the earth under his nails. This is highly spiritual stuff for the both of us, he gets to be close to roots of his boyhood and I……..well I get to ascertain where I’ll be planting the finishing touches to our garden.

    He adores beauty, so he plants all that will bloom into amazing colors and while I too adore beauty, it must have more utility. In this case, I will adding the finishing touches of lavender, silver sage, basil and mint. Together we create a garden of harmony.

    Well, the Sunday before last we took a break from our Spring routine and I decided to join a long time friend for a journey into Manhattan to see the Mandy Aftel’s Living Perfume Exhibit. Actually earlier that week I had the opportunity to seeing her at an event held at the W Hotel. It was a tasting put on by Aftelier Perfumes, Bellevadeer Vodka, Robertet, Chef Todd English and host of other players. All in all this was a nice event.

    So anyway, before getting into the city on Sunday, my friend Tblz and I made a pit-stop into ...

  • Product Information

    Well-being, Fashion Design


    THERAPEUTATÉ™ welcomes you to Pure Essene Oil Therapy and Parfum au Natural, where we blur the lines between beauty, health and healing.

    The ancients knew long ago that to truly be beautiful, the physical must be aligned with the spirit. Nothing epitomizes this concept more than a lifestyle which allows us to be one with nature and all of it bounty.

    This often includes a daily regimen of eating wholesome foods, exercise and meditation. Further, we can enhance this balance by being conscience consumers. When we purchase products that are natural and organic, we an foster awareness not only to the preservation mother earth, but to our very existence.

    Our products are free of chemicals and other adulterations while we support small farmers and manufacturers around the globe who are interested in bringing quality products to market place.

    Therapeutate fully understands the responsibility we all must take to ensure a healthy environment for generations to come. A healthy reverence for botanical life plays a major role in the preservation of our well being. A green earth not only supplies us oxygen, it invigorates and revitalizes our life force.

    “This is especially so when it comes to our skin, the single largest organ on our bodies”

    Aromatherapy uses the elements contain in plant life to balance and heal our physical/ spiritual body. It employs the oldest sensory perception known to man, our sense of smell. This is often referred to as Olfaction. It connects with us...

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