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Rodney Hughes

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Natural Perfumer/ CEO

Member since July 30, 2008

A graduate of the renowned Pratt Institute School of Art and Design; I am lover of the art of cloth. With more than 20 years of product development experience, I became interested in aromatherapy through years of traveling oversea and having developed an intolerance for recycled air in buildings and on planes.

This led me to experimentation with essential oils; EO of lemon and rosemary quickly became my travel companions. They helped to revive me and warded off the early signs of cold and flu during my travels. Now, I highly recommend these oils along with geranium, eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood. They are in my opinion, an essential part of a globe trotter’s survival kit.

Essential oils have become an integral part of my life. I started to make personal blends for my clients as an added benefit to the Reiki attunements they had received through me.

I have a friend who said to me out of the blue one day, why don't you start a line. I am about to open a boutique and would like to carry your blends. So I said, ok, why not, I can do this. Then I went about buying every book I could possibly find on the subject of aromatherapy and I read. In six months time I had a complete line ready for market. Therapeutate Pure Essene Oil Therapy was the beginning of this magic carpet ride into the world of perfumery.

Then just to see if what I had created was on the mark, I began pursuing formal studies in Aromatherapy and then followed by the art of Natural Perfumery. I quickly learned, I was ahead of the curve. The classroom setting enhanced my knowledge and allowed me to expand upon the core line of products to create Parfum au naturel and Rx remedies.

Since, Therapeutate line has expanded to include more than 26 options of pure fragrance delight. For me, It’s just the beginning of a never ending journey into the world of perfumery and the natural healing properties of plant botanicals.

My fascination with their benefits combined with Reiki make Therapeutate’s line of fragrances bar-none ahead of the curve. “I truly believe it will enhance your life as much as it has mine.”

Sincerely, there is no substitute for the beauty and bounty nature has to offer and once your noses gets wind of it, you will never again settle for anything less.

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