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Drake Smith

Munich, Bavaria, Germany


Member since September 07, 2013

  • Comanche-labels-falsecolor-580x434_177_

    Info Mag Koyal Group Mars Rover Marks an Unexpected Anniversary With a Mysterious Discovery

    Instead of one kilometer, Opportunity has driven 38.7 kilometers, or about 24 miles, exploring a series of ever larger craters, taking 170,000 pictures along the way. “It’s a well-made American vehicle,” said Raymond E. Arvidson, the deputy principal investigator.

    Over all, the rover remains in good health, despite the lame wheel, two scientific instruments that are no longer working, and a robotic arm with arthritislike stiffness. John L. Callas, the project manager, said the rover had also suffered an “amnesia moment,” probably caused by aging memory chips.

    “It’s just an operational annoyance,” Dr. Callas said. “But if it gets precipitously worse, there are some corrective actions we can take.”

    Perhaps a greater obstacle to Opportunity’s continued roving might be the limits of NASA’s budget. This spring, NASA officials will review all of NASA’s spacecraft that have lived beyond their original missions. Opportunity currently costs $14 million a year.

    “We have to weigh how much money we have and what missions are most productive,” said Michael Meyer, the lead scientist for NASA’s Mars exploration program.

    The newly discovered rock is like nothing Opportunity has seen. Dr. Squyres said it appeared to have flipped upside down, possibly exposing its underside for the first time in several billion years. “We’re seeing stuff we don’t normally get to see...

  • Osborne in warning over SNP plans for oil fund | Bubblews

    Communication, Communication Design

    the koyal group, Osborne in warning over SNP plans for oil fund

    ALEX Salmond's hope of ¬establishing a Norwegian-style oil fund in an independent Scotland would result in £12.5 billion of spending cuts or tax rises, George Osborne has warned.

    The Chancellor, launching the Treasury's fifth analysis paper on independence, also rubbished the First Minister's assertion that there was £1.5 trillion worth of revenues still in the North Sea, noting how the Office for National Statistics valued it at £120bn.

    Speaking to the Offshore Europe oil and gas conference in Aberdeen, the Chancellor argued Britain's integrated economic union worked well for Scotland.

    The SNP hit back, saying the UK Government's mismanagement of the oil and gas industry showed it could not be trusted.

    John Swinney, the Scottish Finance Secretary, claimed the Treasury paper actually showed "there is no doubt Scotland can not only afford to be an independent country but has the means to thrive" after independence.

    Stressing how oil and gas ¬revenues were the most volatile that existed, Mr Osborne in his speech warned the SNP on overstating its case for independence on black gold.

    He said: "To suggest that ¬spending can be increased, tax bills cut, an oil fund established, household energy bills kept down and investment in renewables increased simply doesn't add up."

    The analysis paper poi...