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Providence, United States

Member since July 17, 2008

AVO:Market is a collaborative Image Guide and Think Tank for Street Markets world wide. At AVO we aim to explore, share and inspire designers, travelers and communities to learn about cultures around the world. AVO is a growing collaboration that is continually expanding to new realms through partnerships with like-minded groups.

Brit Kleinman founded AVO in 2007, with the belief that a market is more than what gets bought and sold, but a community based upon human relationships and interactions. The world is a big place full of many kinds of people, but the market is a common ground in which you can start to see the similarities and differences between our daily ways of life. AVO:Market is about connecting people and bridging the gap between cultures while still continuing to cherish and learn from our differences.

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Arts & Culture, Industrial Design

Posted April 30, 2008
By James Minola

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AVO supports Kiva by giving loans that help keep market culture alive.

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