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kaspar könig

maastricht, the netherlands, Netherlands

founder of the non profit organisation for education, design and sound

Member since July 14, 2008

  • Man made with nature love

    Education, Industrial Design


    I am organizing the follow up from the Re-use your brain & re-use your heart workshop and exhibition held in Beijing in the CAFA (academy for fine arts)

    Introduction to the initiative: Man made with nature love...

    Many knowledge-transfer on sustainable design enables people to realize and understand environmental issues and the culture in which they occur. With a transfer & exchange people talk and think together, discussing how a healthier future may look like. A great first step to initiate action.

    Therefor this project was initiated to aim at students of design-academies to research on honest and necessary measurements/solutions to use our (local) resources, create funny new objects and enjoy doing the most necessary transformation for a world running out of resourc-ideas. The purpose of this 4 week-workshop is to make an effort towards understanding down-/up-/and recycling and product- “characters&personalities”. Sustainability can become a real power for the creative industries of many upcoming cities in China. The idea to combine the workshop, the exposition as a display and the booklet as a trade, is to give an understanding and an awareness through a specific research, practical learning by doing, making things another way and document the process of speeding up the changing perspectives towards our resources & materials.

    The workshop is part of the educational activities of the non-profit organisation “de vier koningen” based in Maastri...