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New York, NY, United States

Designer (Motion Graphics)

Member since July 10, 2008

eyeball... an indiscriminate design company.

Careless, maybe. Variegate, promiscuous, or even multifarious. The point is we tend to not use a standard approach to our work. We avoid it actually.

We just make things that are interesting, relevant, informative and compelling. Our creative is always driven by the product or idea that is being advertised. We could talk about process and strategy and other overused concepts that are aimed at making clients comfortable, but the truth is that it's the nebulous combination of intuition, talent, experience, and experimentation that makes great design.

We work simply to convey the chosen message and ultimately create a business solution. For 15 years our core business has been to partner with agencies to create breakthrough advertising and branded content. Often times a client come to us with a year of market research, a big media plan, and a creative strategy that's fleshed out and ready to go. Sometimes they come to us because they need help figuring out how this sketch on a napkin could become a 60 second commercial. We are equally at home in both situations.

When working with corporations directly we truly become an extension of a client's in-house marketing, branding, or creative department. We move swiftly by immersing ourselves with the team early on in the strategic and creative development stages.

Ultimately, our goal is to ensure our creative and production execution maximizes a client's desired return on investment and to develop relationships from having enjoyed the creative process as much as the results.

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A multifarious design company.

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