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Essam Abu Awad

Amman, Jordan, Jordan

PhD Research Students

Member since July 08, 2008

  • I will act always as a designer!

    Communication, Communication Design

    It is my daily nightmare. No, it is not a true nightmare, let us say, a visitor. It is not only a night visitor; it is a visitor of every time. I am a designer, and as a designer cares for everything, I frequently find myself thinking like a designer. I ask questions that a designer asks. I attempt to find functional design solutions to a design problem I have uncovered while being a designer. I think of design brief, design proposal and design principles to guide me through the process. I rely on design thinking.

    This is does not concern how much experience I have, no matter who am I, a great designer or not, it is normal to find something missing when I forget myself as a designer, or I do not consider my self as one of the audience, a user, a consumer or an audience. If I do not act as so, I will not be able to solve a problem.

    All design solutions are considered as conjecture. Ok, that is fine, but this requires me using design thinking and principles; and how good to solve problems, and simply be not only a designer. How important for me to know whether the design works in a positive sense or not. Am I able to answer the question. I think that the answer can be achieved best by incorporate user feedback in the design process, by allowing myself playing a double role, a designer and a consumer, or one of the audience.

    It is simply to act on behalf of others by allowing myself to get into their world, better than inquiring what they have in mind, and living their role not investigating it.

    This way, I will always act as a designer.

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Design is a place. Design is to say.

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